CVS Haul!

Hey everyone, as I just returned back to my final semester at college, I needed to pick up a few beauty and miscellaneous at my local CVS. Since I got some beauty stuff and I’ve tried them out, I thought I’d do a small haul and review. Check it out!

CVS Detoxifying Cleansing Towelettes


To start off the haul I’m showing once again my favorite makeup wipes in existence. The CVS brand detoxifying cleansing towelettes are a great product to remove your makeup, clean your face, and save some money. They are oil free and con taint Vitamin B5, green leaf extract, and Vitamin E. All the added products really make the difference in making your skin feel clean and refreshed. In all honesty, when I get really lazy at night and don’t want to do my whole nighttime skincare routine, I just use these wipes and instantly feel like my face is clean. These makeup wipes are awesome, go try them!

Pond’s Dry Skin Cream


Confession time: my skin has gotten incredibly dry this winter. I don’t know if its been unusually cold or something, but my skin has just been in desperate need of moisture. Looking to remedy this, I thought I’d try out this cold cream as a moisturizer. I honestly don’t know what the beauty community has to say about cold cream as a daily moisturizer, but my skin has been loving this stuff. A small drop goes a long way with this cream and its very easy to blend out. This will definitely be repurchased.

Garnier Smoothing Cream Cleanser


Speaking of dry skin, when I was looking online to remedy my skin problems someone recommended that a cream cleanser would be good for dry skin. So, looking at my local CVS I noticed that the Garnier brand had a cream cleanser entirely for dry skin. I was hesitant to buy the big size of the cleanser without trying it out first, so I grabbed a travel size. This stuff is awesome! It definitely cleans your skin really well and gently, and afterwords my face feels so soft! It also foams up a bit, which was a surprise at first, but it is a great product for people with dry skin. It also includes Jojoba and Macadamia oils, which help add some moisture to your face, but because of these additions I probably wouldn’t recommend this to someone with oily skin. Overall, I really like this product and I will be purchasing the bigger sized product.

Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer #003


I’ve been looking for a good primer ever since I ran out of Benefit’s Porefessional Primer (which is wonderful but expensive), and on this particular run to CVS I happened to notice that the Rimmel London display had a primer for sale. The primer is white and blends easily, meaning that you don’t need that much of the product. I’ve really been liking this primer as it helps my foundation and concealer go on smoothly as well as keeps my makeup matte throughout the day. I’ll probably be repurchasing this primer as it is a good product and much cheaper then the higher end brands.

Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Foundation #110 (Creamy Natural)


Since its a New Year, I thought I should try more products. This particular foundation has been interesting me for quite a while, as ALoveTart on Youtube has raved about the product before. Having tried this for the past week or so, I’ve really loved this foundation. It’s more of a liquid foundation but it blends easily and finishes naturally. I’m really liking this product and I think I’ll be repurchasing this again.

Listerine Mint Floss


Since I was buying a few products to bring back for the new semester I grabbed some floss. I don’t really follow one particular brand of floss, but this was cheap and it does the job. Plus it’s good for sensitive gums, which I need cause my mouth is pretty sensitive. So yeah, floss. It’s good.

Caliber Packing Tape 


So this was an oddball purchase, but I needed some packing tape to close up some boxes that I was mailing. I wasn’t expecting to get a giant mass of packing tape, but it was $6 and I had a $5 CVS coupon. It’s some quality packing tape, so if you need packing tape, well, get some.



Pringles are awesome. No comment is needed.


So that’s it on my latest CVS Haul! I’m really liking the products I’ve bought and I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more products in the New Year. Let me know if you’ve used any of these products and what you think of them, or what I should try next!

Happy Friday Everyone!


8 thoughts on “CVS Haul!

  1. Shay says:

    Nice. I’ve used the Pond’s cold cream to aid in removing thicker foundations which I really enjoyed & it works great. I’ve started using the Pond’s wet cleansing towelettes which are absolutely amazing ! I switched after using Neutrogena wipes for years. Following 🙂


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