5 Websites That Will Save Your College Career

Hey everyone, here I am back with another (hopefully) helpful post. As a college senior and user of the internet, I’ve come across a few websites which have really helped me survive my four years of higher education. So if you’re in school or just looking for new helpful websites, check out my list below!

5. Dropbox


Out of all the file sharing/saving websites, Dropbox has to be my favorite. It’s free to sign up for and gives users a specified amount of space, which you can later upgrade for more space. Personally, I have so many Google accounts that trying to balance between them all in order to use the different Google services (i.e. Drive, Youtube, etc.) is next to impossible. With Dropbox I can clearly upload files and organize them to my liking without having to learn an entirely new system. Definitely check out Dropbox if you need to share files or access files publicly.

Check it out!

4. Chegg


As a college student, textbooks are unfortunately a necessity, and we all know the campus bookstore exists solely to cheat students out of more money. Chegg is a website which allows students to rent textbooks for cheap. Chegg also includes an internship and job search, as well as homework and studying help. Chegg really helped me save money in the beginning of my college career, and their internship search is pretty helpful and user-friendly.

Check it out!

3. College Fashion

67461302College Fashion has honestly been a lifesaver during my college years. As someone who can be a bit fashionably inept at times, I found this blog to be incredibly helpful at finding fashionable pieces for cheap and putting them together to create a fashionable outfit. This website also hosts different fashion series; my favorite would have to be Geek Chic, in which the piece together outfits based on Geek culture (TV shows, film, video games, etc.). Another amazing feature of this website is their weekly roundup of all the different coupon codes for various stores. These codes are genuine and a great way to save money.

Check it out!

2. Amazon


I know, I know, everyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has heard of Amazon. But really, I honestly could not have survived my college career without it. Amazon has so many awesome products (like literally everything under the sun) and it’s the first place I go when I want to buy something for a reasonable price. Textbooks? Amazon will find you used books for a penny – trust me, I’ve been buying them for years. By far, my favorite feature of Amazon has to be their Turn It In option, which I have been using since Sophomore year of college to sell textbooks for a reasonable price. When my campus bookstore tries to cheat me out of my money, Amazon will take my textbooks for a fair price and the compensation is in the form of an online Amazon gift card. Just this break I was able to make $103 off of some old books that I had found in my room. I’d definitely suggest this as a means of selling back college textbooks without losing massive amounts of money.

Check it out!

1. Netflix


I love Netflix more than I love anything else in the world. Netflix is truly bae, with endless amounts of TV shows and movies to watch at the click of a button. I legitimately spent an entire semester of my freshman year laying in bed, mesmerized by the endless scrolling. Netlfix has so many good things to watch, and it has a reasonable monthly price. Confession time: I pay for my own Netflix account, despite my entire family piggybacking of my account. If you can afford paying this monthly fee, I’d defiantly suggest this website as a great time waster and entertainer. Also, if you have Netflix and don’t know what to watch, I’d suggest checking out my post on good TV shows to binge!

Check it out!


There you have it, some great sites which will hopefully help you out in the future. I hope everyone is having an awesome day and week, I ,for one, am battling with the Snowmageddon attacking New York right now!

Have a great Monday!


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