Top 5 Favorite Youtubers

Hey everyone, hope you’re having an awesome day! Today’s blog post will discuss five of my favorite Youtubers from various genres. I’ve watched youtube videos for as long as I can remember, but I really became an avid view about eight years ago when I was a freshman in high school (writing that sentence hurt me as I remember how old I am, haha). To be honest, I wasn’t a very popular high schooler, I was very shy and introverted. This meant I spent a lot of time alone in my room exploring the internet and looking for ways to pass the time. Watching Youtube videos really allowed me to feel like I had friends and helped entertain me and teach me new things. However, my interest in Youtube has spanned various genres as I’ve grown up and discovered new interests. Here’s my top five favorite Youtubers to watch!

5. Grable424


One of my favorite types of Youtube videos are fanvids created by fans of different shows. I discovered this channel while looking at different fanvids, and I have to say this is probably my favorite fanvid channel to watch. The editing is really well-done, and I love being able to watch a story being told through different clips of various TV and films. Also, this channel has helped me find really awesome music to listen to. Check it out if you like great editing, awesome music, and quality fanvids.

4. itsGrace


Grace Helbig is like my hero. Grace is incredibly funny, and every one of her weekly blogs gives me such joy to watch. Dubbed “the awkward big sister of the internet,” Grace lives up to that awkward by commenting on popular culture as well as giving advice. Honestly, my favorite of her videos are her cooking videos, which take seemingly random foods and creating amazingness. Go watch Grace if your interested in funny vlogs which semi-informative content.

3. Paper and Glam

Paper & Glam Avatar 2015 YT

Ok so this is a recent favorite. I discovered this channel a few days ago and I’ve honestly been obsessed, watching like every video she’s uploaded in like two or three days. But Paper and Glam soothes my obsession with planning and scrapbooking. Watching her videos on her planner and how she uses it, as well as how she decorates her planner, has had me memorized for the past few days. Check out this channel if you have any interest in planning or scrapbooking!

2. Zoella


Everyone and their mother seem to know of Zoella but I can’t recommend her enough. Zoella honestly speaks to my love and interest in the beauty community and her vlogs are always super fun and interesting. I love her different tag videos, as well as the beauty videos, which always seem to give me a new look of makeup item to try. Check out Zoey and her channel for different beauty videos and vlogs!

1. Roosterteeth/Achievement Hunter


I honestly love Roosterteeth and Achievement Hunter to death. This guys and girls are hialrious and make gameplay videos so entertaining to watch. While I’m not the biggest gamer (due to bouts of motion sickness) I love watching these guys play different video games and talk about a plethora of things. I also really love their podcast, it’s both entertaining as well as a great thing to listen to in the background while doing work. They’ve also got a movie coming out called Lazer Team and the trailor looks amazing! Definitely check them out if you have an interest in gaming or just like listening to an audio-based content.


So that’s my top five favorite Youtubers at this moment of my life, let me know in the comments what Youtubers you love and would recommend! Happy Wednesday everyone!


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