Post Grad: Finding a Job

Hey everyone, happy Wednesday and beginning of April! Though the month may insinuate that its Spring, the weather here in Upstate New York still says Winter. Here’s to hoping April brings back the sun to this cold wasteland!

Today I’m going to talk about a terrifying subject amongst many college seniors graduating in May: Job Hunting! While I may not be the highest authority on this subject matter, I have been applying to jobs since this semester has started up and I’ve found some tips and tricks to making the job hunt easier. Check them out below!

1. Check out your school’s Career Resource Center!

This should always be your first step. Here you will be able to practice interviews, learn about new ways to search for career opportunities, and review your resume. My biggest tip is having someone look over your resume, whether it be a family member, friend, or someone from this office. When I took my resume in I was given great advice about what I should and shouldn’t change, as well as new and innovative ways to improve your resume. Set up an appointment today, they are always there to help!

2. Let people know that you’re searching for a job!

This sounds a bit unorthodox, but by telling friends and family that you’re looking for a job, not only are you motivating yourself to find said job, but it allows people you know to connect to future employers. It can never hurt to say something, and by telling people, whether in-person or on social media, you are basically secondhand networking. Give it a try, you’ll never know who you’ll be connected too!

3. Check out your online resources!

There are lots of great websites which comply job postings and you should definitely be checking them out. Many of these are searchable by geographic location, keywords, or companies. I’ve found that has been a incredibly helpful website in finding job postings in my area that fit my career path. Another less well known option is Craigslist. This is good for lesser known postings in your area that have direct contact with the poster. Start making those job rounds!

4. Clean up your social media!

Now that you’re putting your name out their in the professional world, you should take a second to go through your social media accounts and cleanup. Make sure there’s nothing posted that would make an employer second-guess hiring you. In simpler terms, before you post, ask yourself, “Would I be ok with my Grandma seeing this?” Private any personal accounts and review your privacy settings. It’s honestly better safe then sorry.

5. Plan time in your day to apply for jobs!

I completely understand that job applications take up quite a bit of time. When writing cover letters sometimes you get a brain fart and spend an extra hour on Tumblr or Youtube instead of writing, and that’s completely normal. My biggest advice is to plan time in your day or week to sit down and apply to a specific number of jobs. My personal method is to apply to at least two jobs per day, usually at night after I’ve completed any homework. This ensures that you are being proactive and productive in your job search while still being reasonable. Work with your schedule to find the best time of day or week for yourself!


So there it is, my top five tips for job-searching as a post-grad. Always remember that everything is going to work itself out, and maintain a positive attitude. You can do it!

Like this post if you agree with any of my tips or found some helpful, and let me know in the comments below if you any other tips to help in a job search!

See you next time!


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