April Favorites

Hey everyone, happy Thursday! I cannot believe that the month of April is coming to a close, what a crazy month it’s been for me. This month I’ve been enjoying the weeks of peace before finals, applying and going to lots of job interviews, and tying up a few loose-ends of my plans for post-grad. In today’s post, I’m going to share with you what I’ve been loving this month. Check it out!

Hair Favorites: Not Your Mother’s Deja Vu Do Style Extender


I’ve always been a big fan of the Not Your Mother’s brand and when I saw this product at my local CVS, I knew I had to have it. This product has singlehandedly made styling my hair so much easier on a daily basis. Just for some background info: I love my hair straightened, but the waves in my hair are not tamed easily. For the past few years I’ve been straightening my hair pretty much everyday, which has been a pain in terms of time spent styling my hair and damage done to it. This product has changed all of that. I use a pea-sized amount after I wash my hair and use my hair oil, and then I blow dry and straighten. This product keeps your style for up to 3 days post-washing, which means less time dealing with your hair in the morning and more time to sleep in. Not only has this saved me time, but it has saved my hair from the damage that daily straightening done. If you have one hairstyle that you wear pretty much everyday, this product will help keep that style in place for 2-3 days. I highly recommend this product and will be repurchasing.

Makeup Faves: Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara


My eyelashes can be a pain when styling, they’re somewhat long but don’t really hold a curl. I’ve always been a big user of waterproof mascara, but after hearing only amazing things about this product I knew I had to try it. This mascara has been my go-to in the beautiful spring weather, as it lengthens my lashes and makes them look fuller. I’ve especially been loving these as I go on job interviews, as I think it really pulls together my professional look and makes me feel more confident. I’d love to repurchase this product when it runs out, and I would definitely recommend it.

Honorable Mention: Carmex Lip Balm


This chapstick has been a godsend to me. My top lip has been plagued with dryness, almost reminiscent of the desert. I’ve been dealing with this dryness fruitlessly, trying every lip balm and chapstick under the sun, but I swear to god this is the only stuff that worked. My lip dryness cleared up within an hour or so, which was basically a miracle to me! The cherry flavor is a bit overwhelming but I can deal with it if it means soft, moisturized lips.

Nail Favorites: Bahama Mama by Essie


I’ve never really been a big fan of nail polish, as I’ve always had a nail-biting  problem since I was a child. Recently, however, I’ve been trying to get into the habit of painting my nails since it curves the desire to bite them down to stumps. My go-to color for the month has been Bahama Mama, a gorgeous deep purple color. While darker colors are generally worn during the Fall/Winter, this color has been looking amazing in the nice spring weather and reminds me that summer is just along the way.

Candle Favorites: Watermelon Lemonade Mini Mason Jar from Bath and Body Works


This candle smells absolutely divine. It smells just like summertime, with the watermelon lemonade scent very strong and it really makes the room smell amazing and just like the actual lemonade. I’ve really loved burning this for the past month as it reminds me of summer and warmer days!

Currently Reading: Harry Potter book series


I’ve been a massive fan of the series since I began reading it in high school, and luckily I’ve managed to revive that love through my Children’s Literature class this semester. I’m doing a final project on Harry Potter and part of a research paper dedicated to this series, so reading for class has honestly just turned into reading for fun!

Currently Watching: LOST Season 1


Another show I’ve been a massive fan of is LOST. I started watching around when the third season was on TV and it honestly became my favorite TV show ever. I began rewatching LOST a few days ago on a spur of the moment and now I’m halfway through season 1. I’ll definitely be watching this for the rest of the month!


So there you have it, my favorites from the month of April. Let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving this month! See you next time!

– Jen


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