Finals Week 101: How to Keep Calm and Study On!

Hey everyone, happy Monday! I’ve just finished my last day of Undergraduate classes and I couldn’t be more happy, but now comes the dreaded time in any students life: finals week. Wether you’re a freshman going into your first Spring finals or a senior that’s just looking to make it through the last finals of your life, check out my tips below to make your Hell Week as stress-free and easygoing as possible!

1. Plan Ahead!


The best way to keep yourself calm and in control during finals week is to make a study plan and stick to it. One of the best skills you can get out of college is time management, so grab your planner are get to work! I’m a big fan of color coding and planning by the hour, so that way I’m organized and on top of all my deadlines and test dates. If you’re having any trouble with getting a good planner strategy started, check out Youtube for helpful tips and hints when it comes to getting and staying organized!

2. Find your happy (studying) place!

studying places pic

Many people see that finals are coming up and head straight to the library, but that may not be the best place for you to concentrate! Personally, I can’t study in the library on-campus because come finals week it’s way too crowded and there’s actually construction going on in the upper floors of the library, leading to way too much noise to focus. Check out some less-populated places on-campus, such as empty classrooms or club offices in the Student Union. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and find a place outside where you can get some sun while getting that knowledge. Lastly, head to the local coffee shop in town and get studying. Just find the place where you can focus while still being comfortable!

3. Drink lots of water!


Just because you’re cramming for that last final or trying to finish a paper the day its due doesn’t mean you can forget to take care of yourself! Skip over that third cup of coffee and reach for your water bottle, your health and skin will thank you. My best tip to make sure you drink your water is to always have a full bottle of water on you: fill up your bottle before you leave in the morning and keep it in your bag, you’ll find yourself reaching for it throughout the day just because it’s there!

4. Avoid All-Nighters!


I know, I know: what’s a finals week without at least one all-nighter? Trust me, they do more harm then good. Staying up all night to study for a test the next day isn’t going to help you remember any information, in fact, your memory is better aided by a good night’s sleep! Plus, be real with yourself: you’re not going to learn an entire semester’s worth of notes in one night. Pick a few key topics to master and get your rest!

5. Find a study-buddy or get a group of friends together!


I don’t know about you, but I find that I feel more relaxed and comforted when working with other people around. Having company when studying not only gives you someone to bounce ideas off or ask questions, but also someone to take a small break with when studying gets a bit overwhelming! Grab some of your friends or get together with a study group from your class and hit the books with company!

6. Dress comfortable but remember your hygiene!


Just because it’s finals week doesn’t mean you can get away with not keeping up with your hygiene! While the common trope for a finals week college student is unshowered and unkept, know that the people sitting next to you in the library will not be thrilled with your finals week stench. Take a break from hitting the books and jump in the shower, not only will it give your mind a rest but you’ll feel incredibly better when your squeaky clean! As for outfits, don’t feel as though you need to dress to impress; wear something you feel comfortable in for your study sessions and something you feel confident in for your tests and presentations!

7. Take advantage of contacting your professors!


Just because classes are over doesn’t mean your professors have abandoned you! Check with you professor’s office hours and make sure you go to them if you have any questions or need someone to run a paper topic by. Many professors expend their office hours during finals week in order to be there for students needing extra help! If you can’t make their office hours or only have one or two questions, shoot you professor an email! Typically professors check and respond to their emails first over their office phone or mail. All in all, don’t forget that your professors are here to help you, so take advantage of them!

8. Relax, and create memories!


Some of my best college memories have come from finals week with my friends. Late night diner trips for milkshakes, runs to the deli for study snacks, and playing “The Floor is Lava” at 3AM with my best friend when we couldn’t look at anymore info – these have all came out of finals week and I’ll remember them for the rest of my life. Make some great memories and relax, you got this girl!


So there you have it, my tips and tricks for making it through finals week! Let me know in the comments how your finals week is going and what your best tip is! Thanks for reading!

– xoxo Jen


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