Movie Review: Avengers Age of Ultron

Hey everyone, happy Friday! Today I’m bringing you something slightly different from my previous posts, but I’ve recently seen the movie Avengers Age of Ultron and I thought that I’d post some thoughts and a review on it (spoiler alert: I loved it!) Keep reading for a spoiler-free review!


I’ve always loved superhero movies, something about them brings me back to my childhood and just makes me excited, as if I could take on the world. This movie made me feel no differently. I’m a die-hard Marvel fan and I’ve seen all the previous movies within the Avengers universe, and this was a movie I had been waiting for a long time to watch. I just went last Sunday with my boyfriend and some friends to our local movie theater and saw the film.


First off, the cast is spectacular. The acting, as per usual, is amazing, and it really has a rounded line-up of super-heros in the film. Cameos from War Machine and Falcon made the entire film for me to be honest, but it was well done and not over the top. Everyone felt like they had their own place within the universe and wasn’t just there for kicks. Also, James Spader voicing Ultron was amazing voice acting, it felt like he was truly the character; also Spader’s voice can get pretty creepy sometimes, so I thought he fit perfectly as the villain.


Secondly, the background information we get about the different characters was incredibly well-done and added on stories which were previously speculation. I’m a massive Hawkeye fan, so this movie for me was amazing. We find out more about literally every avenger and what makes them tick, which I thought added to the realism of the characters and made them relatable.


There were some points which felt as though they dragged on, but mostly the story flowed within itself. The humor was present in the majority of scenes, but overall felt funny and not forced. I didn’t enjoy the romance that was forced onto two characters (no spoilers though!). The sad part was that I really did ship those two characters in my head, but the way the movie went about the romance felt really forced and unnatural.


Overall, I really enjoyed the movie and will definitely be watching it again. I’d give it 8.5/10 stars, the only downsides being what I listed above. Let me know in the comments what you thought about the movie (if you’ve seen it) and what other movies I should be looking out for this summer!

– xoxo Jen


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