May 2015 Favorites!

Hey bloggers, happy Tuesday! It’s honestly mind-blowing to me that May has come to a close, it feels like this month has been so short and hectic! Speaking of the end of the month, we all know what posts are happening: monthly favorites. I won’t be disappointing with this month’s collection of favorites, categorized into beauty, fashion, candles, and media! Check out my favorites of this month under the cut!


Skin: Sea Breeze Sensitive Skin Astringent

IMG_3349_2Confession Time: I don’t take the best care of my skin on a daily basis. To be honest, I’m very lazy and the extra steps beside a quick wash of my face and the shower and moisturizing can be too much in my morning rush. Since I’ve had a few days before I start work to myself, I decided to start taking better care of my face. I picked up this toner at the drugstore for pretty cheap, and it’s done its job fairly well. It also actually kinda smells like a sea breeze, which really gets me in the mood for summer. I’ve been really liking it this month  and I think it’s a good first step to taking better care of my skin.

Makeup: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Shade 15 (Fair)


So I’ve always been a non-risk taker when it comes tIMG_3353o concealer, as it can run on the high price side for drugstore brands, but I finally ventured out and tried a new congealer after I finished my last one. This concealer is honestly great, the formula is similar to the other Maybelline ones (which is my all-time favorite) but the applicator isn’t the awful sponge tip, but a doe-foot applicator. I love this, as it’s a lot easier to apply and keeps from wasting the concealer like the other concealers do. I’ll keep using this product up, but I believe I will be repurchasing it!

Milani Shadow Eyez in #03 (Champagne Toast)


One thing that everyone should know about me is, when it comes to makeup I am incredibly lazy. I honestly hate powdered eyeshadows because I hate blending and using multiple shades and brushes. This product has been the eye product I keep coming back to. The color is a gorgeous champagne color, which is perfect for an everyday “running errands” look, but it can also be dressed up for a nighttime look. It’s a simple application, all I do is basically draw all over my eyelid


Nail Polish: Essie’s Bahama Mama


Nail polish has been my beauty obsession this month. Something about the sun coming out and getting a slight tan makes me want to have painted nails. One color that I’ve really been loving this month is Bahama Mama, which is a gorgeous deep purple color. This color looks really pretty with a bit of a tan and really puts me in the summer state of mind!



Old Navy Denim Shirt


This is like actually my favorite clothing item of the year to be honest. I love love love this shirt so much! I had been searching for a denim overshirt for the past two years, and I just found this cute one at Old Navy over Spring Break! I love wearing this now that’s its warmer, as it’s great to cover up in a breeze, while still being light-weight enough to wear in the heat. I wear this with sleeves rolled both up and down, and the function pockets are great for quick trips out when I’m only carrying cards/cash. I’d highly recommend this shirt if they still sell it!

YikYak Sunglasses


I know I mentioned these in my last post, so I’ll keep my description brief. I love how function these sunglasses are while still being cheap enough to not worry about losing or ruining. The bright pop of green is fun for the summer, and they remind me of the great times I had in my internship at YikYak!



Village Candle’s Walk on the Beach


This candle was a graduation gift from my boyfriend and has honestly become my scent of the summer. I really wanted a beachy scent, and this does the beach justice. It’s a fresh scent, and you can honestly smell the ocean when this burns. I love this so much and will be burning this for the rest of the summer!



TV Show: Twin Peaks

Don’t even get me started about this show, I’m honestly obsessed! My boyfriend and I have beenTwinPeaks_openingshotcredits marathoning this show for the past few weeks and we both have been sucked into the plot and the fandom. The show revolves around the small town of Twin Peaks and the murder of Laura Palmer. It can be a bit of a mind-fuck, but it keeps you guessing at every turn and it’s 90s in the best way possible. Check it out on Netflix!

Movie: Kingsman: The Secret Service


I’ve been seeing so much about this movie on tumblr and finally decided to watch it this month, and let me tell you it did not disappoint! Kingsman tells the story of an English Secret Service agency, but it manages to find in place in the spy movie genre. It doesn’t try to hard, and the fight scenes are out of the world. It is a bit gory, so those who are grossed out easily may want to take note, but overall its a fun take on the English spy genre and keeps you interested throughout it!

Book: Walking Dead Compendium #1


I’ve had this compendium for about two years now, but this month I’ve found myself with a fair amount of free time and decided to pick it up again. This is basically a compilation of the Walking Dead comics into a massive graphic novel, and I’m almost to the end of the first compendium. I also have the second compendium as well, so once I’m done with this I’ll be moving forward in the series. People who love the TV series but haven’t read the comics should definitely check it out, it’s fast paced and keeps you interested and the art is fantastic!


That’s it folks, my favorites of May 2015! Let me know in the comments below what products were your favorites this month or if there’s anything I should try in June. Have a great day!

– xoxo Jen P


One thought on “May 2015 Favorites!

  1. Iman Agha says:

    I love the Maybelline fit me concealer as well! It’s so inexpensive and works great.
    P.S: I’d really appreciate it if you could check out my beauty blog too and follow me back. xx


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