Moving 101: Living in a Small Space

Hey bloggers, happy Thursday! Today’s post is going to cover something important in the post-graduate world – finding your own place. Luckily I’ve managed to join my boyfriend and a few of his friends in their house from last year, and will be living there until the end of next May! However for the next two months, me and my boyfriend will be staying in a smaller room as our landlords move in for the summer, so in the past week I’ve learned quite a bit about downsizing and making a smaller room work. If you’re moving into a smaller space, check out some of my tips below!

1. Downsize, downsize, downsize!


I’ll be the first to admit that I am a massive hoarder. I love collecting and holding onto items for sentimental value, but that’s not the best course of action when moving into a smaller living space. I put most of my items into storage for the months I will be living in the smaller room, and really managed to minimize the amount of things I need to have out. Organize clothes by seasons, send sentimental objects into storage or home if they take up a great deal of space, and just make sure that everything you are keeping out has an immediate need.

2. Find functional pieces!


One way my boyfriend and I save a massive amount of space is by working with larger pieces of furniture that have multiple functions. For our sleeping situation, we bought a used futon in excellent condition. Since we are living in a smaller room for two months, the futon is great for functional seating during the day and a mattress at night.


I also have a trunk which we are utilizing as table space, which also has built in storage inside the trunk. I’ve turned the trunk into my desk space throughout the day, and I am able to store things that I need but couldn’t store before. Look for pieces of larger furniture which you can use in different ways, it’s a great way to save room on storage while still having larger pieces!

3. Make compromises!

When my boyfriend and I first started image3the moving process, we really had to work together to make decisions about the space and what we would be including. For post-grads, I would assume in this economy you’d be sharing a space with roommates, friends, or a significant other. Don’t forget how important compromises are when it comes to decision making! My boyfriend and I struggled to find solutions for our clothing storage, until we compromised on minimizing clothing and sharing the closet. Work with the people you live with to keep the peace and find a solution for everyone!

4. Use mirrors to make a small room appear bigger!


Mirrors work incredibly well to make a smaller space appear larger. I’ve put my cheap standing mirror in the corner near the doorway and it works well at reflecting the rest of the space and making the room appear bigger. Check out the cheaper mirror options at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond for mirrors like this, which are an excellent way to create the illusion of a larger space!

5. Clean out your space every night to minimize clutter!


One basic trick that I’ve picked up from years of dorm life is to take the time before you head to bed to pick up clutter and garbage that accumulate throughout the day. I’m definitely guilty of letting soda cans pile up over a few days, and it’s something I’ve worked into my routine. Garbage and clutter piled up make your space look not only dirty and smaller, since you’re taking away empty space. Get into the habit of tidying up a little each night, wether it be getting rid of soda cans or picking up dirty laundry off the floor!


So that’s my five tips to living in a smaller space! Let me know in the comments if you have ay other tips or questions about the moving process. Have a great day and see you next time!

– xoxo Jen P.


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