July Favorites 2015

Hey everyone, hope your having an awesome Saturday! Today’s post is going to be my favorite products and items from the month of July 2015. Check out the post below for my favorite makeup, skincare, and more!


1. Super Fat Eye Marker by NYX


I was in search for a new eyeliner this month after I finally used up my all-time favorite eyeliner marker. This liquid eyeliner is perfect because it stays on all day and is pretty affordable. I also love the Fat marker as compared to the Skinny one because the bigger brush makes it easier to apply my eyeliner without being too much to handle. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking to try out a new liquid eyeliner!

2. Buxom Lash Mascara


I recently stumbled across a sample I’ve had of this from Sephora and thought
I’d give it a try this month, and I think this has become one of my all-time favorite mascaras. This product makes my lashes (which are usually small and unnoticable) long and full, without looking too clumped together. The wand is also pretty thick, which helps seperate the lashes and makes them look fuller. I love this product and I will probably be picking up a full size of it when I’m finished!

3. Cake Batter Chapstick


This was a momentous discovery for me, almost like my own personal Holy Grail. I’ve heard about the wonders of this Chapstick, but only on one fateful day at Walmart did I spy this out of the corner of my eye at the checkout. I’m a sucker for any sweet scent, especially cake batter, so this Chapstick has become my go to lip product for everyday use. It smells divine, I’ve never loved a product like I love this. I will be repurchasing as much as a can so that way I’ll never be without it again (jokes, but I’m going to hoard away a few of these bad boys)!




This month, and really all summer to be completely honest, I love wearing headbands. The summer heat + having side bangs = not fun! In the beginning of the summer I also got a haircut, during which my side bangs were cut a wee bit too short, meaning that without wearing a headband they are constantly in my eyes. These two headbands I’ve been loving the most, the navy blue one with a bow and hearts is from Forever 21 and a great way to make a casual outfit summery and cute! The black one with studs is also from Forever 21 and I find it a great hair accessory for when I’m at work and want to look professional, but when I don’t want my hair in my eyes.


1. Picture Perfect Day Daily Moisturizer by Formula 10.0.6

I honestly haven’t been too preoccupied with my skin this summer (which is bad of me, I know!), but after discovering that there’s an Ulta across the street from my office I picked up a few bits and bobs. I wanted a new moisturizer for the summer and this one had SPF, so I knew that I had to have it. This is a deluxe sample that came with a face mask from this same brand. I’ve been loving this because it keeps my skin moisturized while also keeping my face protected from the summer rays. I’ll definitely be repurchasing this!

2. Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask with Orange and Bergamot by Formula 10.0.6


While I checked out the moisturizer from this brand, I noticed that this brand was on sale for buy one get one half off, so I decided I needed a new face mask. This is great because the mud mask formula really cleans out my skin, while the orange and bergamot make my skin feel brighter and just more healthy. I’ll be doing a bunch more face masks now that I’ve found something that really helps!


Cucumber Waters by Target

This scent is amazing for the IMG_3528
warmer months of summer! It is a fresher scent, which is incredibly refreshing on days where you need to beat the heat! The packing is gorgeous also, which means even when you aren’t burning it, it still makes an impact on your decor! Not to mention, Target candles are very affordable while still packing a punch.


Movie: Jurassic World

Jurassic-World-The-GameThis has probably been the only movie I saw in the movie theater this month, but I had to admit that I loved it! Let’s be real, the plot was a bit sketchy, the characterization wasn’t great, and the CGI could have been improved, but there’s something about dinosaurs and Chris Pratt that had me hooked.

Galimimus_Flock_Jurassic_WorldMy favorite part was anytime Pratt was mommy to the raptor babies, and the final battle was pretty good too. Overall I thought it was a fun summer flick!

Book: The Girl on the Train


I was so into this book that I read it in about three hours once I first picked it up! It’s more of a thriller, based around a girl who gets involved in a woman’s mysterious disappearance after viewing her life in moments from the past year while taking her train. The book skips around in time based on which character’s point of view the reader is focused on, and it begins to pick up after the first few chapters. As I got more and more into the story I found myself becoming increasingly interested in the woman’s disappearance,  because I was so invested in all the characters that I needed to know what had happened.Pick this book up if you like mysteries/thrillers and are looking for a story to get deeply involved in!

TV: Big Brother 17


Alright you guys, I’ll admit it: I’m Jen and I’m obsessed with Big Brother. This is a reality TV show which locks 16 people into a house and has them compete to be the last contestant remaining, all while being monitored 24/7 via live feeds. The gameplay this season is infinitely better than the past two seasons combined, with strong females dominating competitions. Big Brother is on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, with Thursday being the live evictions. I’m always checking the live feeds and even have twitter updates coming to my phone! My favorites this season have to be Johnny Mac, Becky, Jason, and Steve! Check out this show if you’re interested in reality TV with real gameplay and strategy!


So that’s been my favorites for the month of July 2015! Let me know in the comments what you’ve been loving this month! See you next time!

– xoxo Jen


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