Desk Set-up and Essentials

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! While this may be the first year I am not returning to school, I have amassed quite a fews bits of knowledge regarding back to school that I thought I’d share this week. Today’s post is all about what my desk essentials are, the things I reach for the most in my productivity center, as well as how I’ve set up my desk now that I’ve moved and gotten comfortable. Check out the post below!


So to start off, my desk is in the back corner of my bedroom, mostly because of the many outlets that are in the corner. My boyfriend got my desk from craigslist for around $45, and it came with the desk chair too, so pretty good deal overall. I love the different shelves, which give me lots of options for storage. I also have three locker shelves (purchased from Target when I started college) in the space between my desk and the wall, and this holds my lamp (Target, bought my freshman year of college), a bin filled with my planner supplies and a jewelry container, and a smaller bin holding beauty supplies. If you want a more in depth tour of how I organize my beauty supplies, let me know!


On my wall above my desk I have a few pictures hung up by some string I found at the dollar spot in Target (decorative clothespins found in the dollar spot as well). Some pictures are of me and my boyfriend, a print I made in my college film photography class, and a picture of my angry cat. On my desk I also have an empty bottle (found at a local antique barn for around $1) which holds some fake flowers I bought a few years back at Michaels.
IMG_3605On the top shelf on my desk on the left I keep my diploma holder I got at my college graduation. It doesn’t actually have my diploma (which is framed at my Mom’s apartment), but I like having it around. I also have an alumni sticker from my college which I need to put on my car, a mini Cheshire Cat piece (taken from a family copy of Disney monopoly), and a few candles I’ve picked up over time. The reason behind the Cheshire cat game piece is that the Cheshire cat is probably my favorite Disney character of all time, and I like to keep a little bit of the Disney magic around to keep me from getting too serious.

IMG_3604On the other side of that top shelf I have a desk organizer made out of cork board (purchased from Mod Cloth around 2 years ago) which just hold some important papers and a few pictures and postcards I’ve received. It also has a built in pencil holder, which I keep miscellaneous pens, highlighters, and my scissors. Next I have a glass picture of me and my boyfriend which my Mom gave me for Christmas last year, which is such a cute gift idea and something I’m going to treasure forever. Lastly I have a little pink polka-dot bucket from the Target dollar spot, which I just put a chalk header on that I had found at Target in the crafting area. That bucket holds a hand cream from Bath & Body Works, a EOS chapstick, and my keys.

 IMG_3603In the righthand corner of the main desktop I have my massive Walking Dead Compendium 1 leaning against the top shelf, and holding that up is a mason jar that we use to collect our spare change. I also keep a small candle from Stop and Shop in the scent Northern Woods.

IMG_3607On the opposite corner of the desktop I keep my Village Candle in Walk on the Beach (mentioned in my June Favorites here) and a TARDIS mug which I’ve filled with my favorite colored marker pens. I got the TARDIS mug (Doctor Who FTW!) from NY Comic Con two years ago, and the top of it is sitting on base of my lap out of the way of danger. Inside my TARDIS are the Papermate Flair M Marker Pens which I got a set of 18 from Target. I love these markers for writing in my agenda, as well as just having a pop of color in my everyday notes and scribbles. Lastly on my desk are my laptop (a Macbook Pro 13 inch) and my agenda, which is in it’s last week of use. Let me know if you’d like to see how I set up my next planner in a blog post!

Finally, in the bottom shelf of my desk which is normally where you’d keep a keyboard, I just leave my mouse and mousepad there on days that I’m off of work, seeing as I bring them into work with me to use with my workplace laptop.


Well that’s a wrap on my desk tour, let me know in the comments below what your desk essentials are! See you later!

-xoxo Jen P.


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