Planning 101: How I Plan

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today is part of Planning Saturdays, a series in which every Saturday I bring you a planner-related blog post. Today’s post is how I plan, in which I’m going to show you my planner and explain my planning style and how planning works best for me. Check out the post under the cut!


My planner is housed in a Target Dollarspot Binder, which I thought was adorable with the pastel triangles and mint green inside. I love having a three ring binder planner because it makes customizing incredibly easy and I’m just able to personalize my planner to however I want it. I added a strip of gold washi tape from the Scotch brand, just because I love gold and silver and I thought it looked cute.


When you open my planner on the inside cover is a shopping list from a Target Dollarspot notepad washi taped in. It’s great because I can have a running list of things to buy without taking up a lot of space. I also have my name written on a cut out of another Dollarspot notepad and a little quote that I had saved a few hers back, both just washi taped in again just for decoration. My dividers are also from the dollarspot and they came with some note pages placed throughout the planner.


My next page is a piece of semi-transparent scrapbooking paper that I love and thought would be a nice pop of color within my planner. If I wanted to I could place sticky notes on it or use it as a dashboard of sorts, but for now its just sitting pretty. Also in the folder of my divider are a few to-do lists I have saved to help pre-plan for the future.


Now I have my monthly layout for September. I found these printables here  and fell in love. The monthly layout is perfect for me to track blog posts, trips, and other appointments on a quick, functional basis. I also love using the side note area to track my favorite products of the month, and I’ve started putting a quote relating to the month/season to inspire me and get me in the mood of the month. I mostly use washi tape as decoration in this area.


On to my weekly layouts. The printables I found for my weekly layouts are from here, and I love how they give me the vertical planning style without all the clutter other planners have. This is my spread from last week, which was a donut theme that I created and used some of the Vintage Glam Studio Donut stickers. My sidebar has weekly goals and areas for other things, like to call or to buy. My days  are planned with To-Do on the top, Personal in the middle, and Blog on the bottom. To-Do’s don’t necessarily have to be done on that day, but need to be done by the end of the week. Personal is for going out and little things, like eating out or tracking TV shows. Lastly, the blog section is helping me to plan out my blog posts and other blog related activities.


The pages following my current spread are the Target Dollarspot note pages that go with this binder set, and I use these to preplan by taping a notepad to plan by day and then with just notes and reminders.


After a few note pages, I store all the upcoming monthly spreads in the back of this section, so that why they are out of the way until the month comes. I’ve been preplanning blog posts and other important dates using sticky notes. Also, if you noticed I messed up the hole punching on the wrong side, so I’ll be covering that up with washi tape when the month comes.


The next section I have in my planner is a notes section, which is marked by the mint green divider. In this section I have printed and hole punched some bus time, for days when I might need to take the bus home. I also keep notes on prospective grad schools, medical/dental contact information, and plans for upcoming sticker sets that I want to create. Really this is just my brain dump area where I can keep notes that I need or just have blank paper to scribble something down.


My last section is a Finances or budgeting section, marked by the hot pink divider in my planner. To start off I just hole punched a bag that I got a prescription in just as a place where I can keep any receipts I get, so I can track how much I’m spending.


Then for the rest of my blank note pages I’ve just laid some more gold washi tape and created a budgeting area so I can keep track of my finances and make sure my money is going in the right places.


So that’s it folks, how I’ve organized my planner. If you want to check out more planning printables, check out my pinterest board here. Let me know in the comments below if you like to plan, and if so, what planning system you’re using. See you next time and have a great day!

-xoxo Jen P.


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