October 2015 Favorites

Hey everyone, it’s that time of the month again – favorites time! October sure has flown by in a hurry, but now’s the time to recap what I’ve been loving this month. Check out my post below!


Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up Liner


So this month I was in a search for a new eyeliner. I wanted something that was going to last long and be easy to apply. After getting some recommendations from a girl working at Ulta, I decided on this product and I’ve been loving it ever since. The gel consistency is great and it is incredibly long lasting. It’s also really easy to apply because it is in a marker, which is great for getting ready quickly in the morning. I would definitly recommend this product and I will most likely be repurchasing.

IT Cosmetics Brow Powder Universal Eyebrow Pencil


While I was at Ulta picking up my eyeliner, I had a coupon for a free gift of this, so I grabbed it at the check out. Let me tell you how much I love this product! It’s great for filling in my brows as I can choose to push lighter down for a lighter color, or press down on the pencil more for a darker color. It works really well for precision brow filling and it comes with a brush as well, making this great for on the go makeup.


Not Your Mother’s Way to Grow Long & Strong Shampoo


This month I was in need of many new products, and one of them was also a new shampoo. I grabbed this at my grocery store since I’m a ride or die Not Your Mother’s fan and it has proved to be pretty great. It makes my hair feel incredibly clean and stronger. Also, for a shampoo found at a grocery store, you get a great deal of product for the price!

Nail Polish

Essie’s Wicked


This has really become my go-to Fall nail polish! It’s a gorgeous dark brown with purple undertones. I’ve been growing out my nails so I’ve been really into painting my nails, and let me tell you that this looks perfect in the fall and autumn months. I’ll honestly probably be wearing this color into November too!


Stop and Shop’s Caramel Apple


I know, and I’m sorry I keep talking about Stop and Shop candles every month but they’re honestly the best. I grabbed the smaller size for literally $1 and it’s lasted me pretty much the entire month. It smells just like apples with a hint of caramel, it helped cozy my space up with a delicious fall scent. If you have a Stop and Shop near you, definitely check out their seasonal candle selection because they really are amazing!


TV Show: The X Files


I am a sucker for a good dramatic crime show, and this show is a plus because it has added paranormal features, along with some great 90’s nostalgia. The premise of the X Files is that FBI agents Scully and Mulder investigate crimes where a supernatural element is involved. There are 9 seasons available on Netflix and a new season coming out next year. I’ve been marathoning it like crazy every chance I get, and I’m only on season 2 so far. Check it out if you have the chance!

Food: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Poptarts


Ever since I cut off all soda about a month ago due to all the dental work I’ve had done, I’ve had to find a way to fill the sugar shaped hole in my heart. These Poptarts are probably the best I’ve ever had, they aren’t too sweet while still having some flavor. They’ve also been easy for my to chew which has become a true blessing. I’ve found these great for a sweet treat while I’m at work. Check them out if you like easy snacks!

Hobby: Baking


This month I have embraced my inner 1950’s housewife and have been baking until my heart’s content. I’ve been loving making brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and muffins. While this started as a way to learn some type of cooking skill, I’ve found that I really enjoy creating sweet treats and sharing them with my friends and roommates. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see any baking posts!


There you have it, my favorite products from the month of October 2015! Let me know in the comments below what products and items you have been loving this month, and I’ll see you next time!

-xoxo Jen P.


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