Birthday Week Plan With Me!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be a Plan With Me for the Week of November 9th-15th, which is a week chalk full of birthdays, including my own 22nd birthday! As I’ve touched upon in previous posts, I have loved planning for the past few years and have finally caved into doing PWM’s. Check out the rest of the post below!


The first step of my planning is to cut down my planner insert pages. These are my inserts, and I print them on regular printer paper and just cut them to fit inside my planner binder. The tools I use are just a simple plastic ruler, a pair of scissors, and today I used an erasable pen because it was the first thing I saw.


My next step is to lay down my washi tape. The gold tape is actually normal tape, it’s just a gold metallic. I used the gold just to cover the top lefthand corner in which I don’t really have anything to put. Next I used a black washi tape with white hearts on it to cover the inner edges where I will be hole punching. Lastly, I added a thin metallic gold washi in the shape of arrows to really add in some more gold. Both the black and white washi and the thin metallic gold washi I picked up from Joann’s Fabric.


The next step for me is to lay down my full boxes and my headers. I made this set myself using images found on Google Images using Pages on my laptop. I choose a purple and gold color because since it’s my birthday I wanted my favorite colors (purple and gold), and also it just looks almost royal (and I am the Queen this week after all). On the top section I keep my daily To-Do list, in the middle I laid out my full boxes and labeled in Personal. Below Personal I keep a section for this blog, since I like to always keep it in mind throughout the week. Lastly I have a Little Things section for reminders of TV Shows and tracking my dinner meal plan.


My next task is to put down my checklists and my half boxes. I add checklists to every day under the To-Do header and I match the colors to keep a uniform look. For the half boxes, I add them everyday to the Personal section so I have a place to write things that aren’t necessarily to-do’s. With the half boxes I try to mix up the colors but if they match slightly it really doesn’t bother me.


Next up I plan out Monday-Wednesday. In the To-Do section I write out phone calls that need to be made and tasks that need to be done. I also track when I wash my hair since it can be a pretty lengthy process. Right now I don’t have too much written for to-do’s, but I’ll in things as the days progress. In Personal I write down things I want to do and events that are happening. For these three days those are baking brownies, painting my nails, and having family visit. My days off from work are Monday-Wednesday, so these days usually get pretty full with things I want to do.


Then I move down to my two last sections, blog and little things. I used the page flags from Target this week to organize my blog section with what I need to prep and what posts are being posted. In the little things section I just track my dinners on the bottom and on Wednesday I just have a reminder for Survivor and Law and Order SVU.


Thursday-Sunday get busier because those are my work days, which take up most of my To-Do section with reminders to send out my timecard and pack lunch. The Personal section also gets busier because it’s my roommate’s birthday, then mine, and then my best friends. I marked those down on the half boxes, leaving room so I can mark down what we do those days. Lastly, I added some cupcake washi that I found at Michaels on clearance to mark birthdays.


Lastly for the week I have my blog and little things sections which get filled in during the second half of the week. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier for me to plan the second half of the week later on so that I’m more accurate with what I need to do. Also, the little things once again just holds my dinner tracking meal plan.


For my sidebar, I section things off using these flags I found on Pinterest here. My sections are weekly goals, places to call, blog posts for the week, and to clean. My To Clean stays the same every week, which is to make sure my bedroom is tidy, the kitchen is somewhat clean, and all the trash is out before trash day. Having a Blog Post section is a recent addition, and I’ve found it’s helpful for when I go to plan Thurs-Sun. To Call has been a staple for the past few weeks since I’ve had a lot of calls to make, but on weeks where I have less it could be changed to a to go or a to buy. Lastly, Weekly Goals are just the top three or four things I want to make sure are accomplished this week.


So that’s it for this week’s PWM, sometimes I’ll Instagram my layout (you can follow me here). Let me know in the comments below if you love planning, and if so what spreads have you done for this week. Also, if you like these types of PWM let me know and I’ll make some more. Have a great day!

-xoxo Jen P.


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