Fall Plan With Me – Nov. 16th-22nd

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be another Plan With Me, I’ve done a fall theme since it’s just another week in November. Check out my PWM below!


The first step, as I have and will say every week is to cut down my planner inserts. For this I just use a cheap ruler, a pair of scissors, and an erasable pen to mark the lines down.


Next I laid down my washi tape and hole punched the inside edges. The two washi tapes I used this week are both from the Scotch brand, the turquoise blue has a gorgeous geometric pattern and the other is just a plain orange tape. I also laid down my full boxes, which are images I found on Google and just fitted to the right size. I created the set that I used this week, matching the colors to the images I found. I went for a general fall theme since next week is Thanksgiving, and then after that I will be getting more into winter spreads.


After laying down my washi and my full boxes, I then went on to put down my headers. The headers I use are To-Do on the top for my daily lists, Personal below that for my major daily events and appointments, Blog down below that for what I need to prep and post for the day, and Little Things to track meals, TV, and weather.


Here is my Monday – Wednesday To-Do and Personal, I’ve been tracking my hair washing and other reminders such as calls to make and things to clean. For personal I plan on baking, I have a driving lesson, and then an empty space to fill in later.


Monday – Wednesday’s blog and little things sections are similar to last week. In blog I just keep track of what I need to work on during the week and what I am planning on posting. I started tracking weather in my Little Things section since on my work days I’m usually too tired to remember to check the weather. I also track my dinners and put a reminder for Survivor and Law & Order SVU.


Thursday – Friday’s to do lists are slightly busier than last week because I have a few reminders, such as sending out my timecard and packing for a trip home next week. In my personal section I have a reminder for my payday and my (hopefully) last dentist appointment. I also put down when I’m leaving for home and left space for what I get up to that night.


For blog and little things, the sections are pretty much the same as the beginning of the week. In little things you can see the weather will be getting a lot colder as the season moves forward. I also have a reminder that the Jessica Jones series will be premiering this Friday on Netflix, which I am super excited about!


After filling everything in for this week, I went in with a few of my Darice sticker books that I had picked up from Michaels. I used Tribal Turkey (which is my absolute fave!), Give Thanks, The Plaid Pumpkin, Birds of a Feather, and one or two from Santa’s Favorites to decorate my baking half-box. I love these stickers to add festive decorations and make my spreads extra cute!


Well there you have it, my PWM for this week! Let me know in the comments below what themes you used this week for your spread, and I’ll see you next time!

-xoxo Jen P.


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