Thanksgiving Week Plan With Me – Nov. 23rd-29th

Hey everyone, I’m back this Monday with another Plan With Me! This week is Thanksgiving, so I used a kit that I created for myself with images found on Google. Check it out below!


Right now I am visiting my parents, so I had already precut my planner pages for travel. I first put down my full boxes and headers, using colors I thought went with the  holiday. I also put down my washi, the orange dotted one is from the Target Dollar Spot and the silver leaves is from the Scotch Expressions brand. I love how the orange washi matches the spread, while the silver one adds to the classic fall theme.


I started off with Monday, today I am planning on going shopping with my Mom and meeting up with some friends later for dinner – tasks I included in the Personal section. For my To-Do list, I have a few calls to make and appointments to schedule. For the blog, I used different colored Papermate Fine Markers in red, orange, and an olive green to brighten up the section. For the Little Things, I included the weather and a space to track dinner. Also, while they aren’t in this picture but can be seen in the next one, I’ve started included social media stickers around the blog section to remember to post to Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.


Tuesday I have quite a few tasks on my to do list, which include painting my nails and baking. Under personal, I am having an early Thanksgiving dinner with my Mom, Grandmother, and little brother. For the blog, I didn’t have that many tasks, so I added some decorations from the Darice Give Thanks sticker book. Little Things again includes the weather and a dinner tracker.


Wednesday sees a few home related to-do’s, since I will be returning home and need to unpack and do laundry before my work week. Under the personal section I have a space to write in what time my boyfriend will be coming to pick me up, signifying that with a little car/bus icon.


Wednesday’s blog section has one item to be prepped and a post going up (hopefully). There are also some of the social media stickers I mentioned before, I think they are really cute and will help me remember to post to those sites more often. I also added a cute corn sicker from the same Darice book as before. The little things section has the weather, a dinner tracker, and a reminder that there are two episodes of Survivor on Wednesday night.


Thursday is Thanksgiving day, however I am still working so my to-do list includes work related tasks, a reminder to wash my hair, and to throw out the trash before trash day. Under the personal section I put down more stickers from the Darice Give Thanks sicker book, looking to make it more festive. I also included an Instagram sticker to encourage me instagram more. The blog section has one post going up, and I included a cute little sticker of a pilgrim boy. The little things has the weather again and a dinner tracker.


Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is typically the beginning of the Christmas season. I work again, so my to-do list is mostly related to work items and a reminder to send my rent check out. The personal section has me and my boyfriend putting up our Christmas tree, and since I have nothing planned for the blog that day I put a sticker of a reindeer to be festive. Little things has the same old items as per usual.


Saturday has a few items on the to-do, the typical reminders for work, washing my hair, and I try to get Starbucks on Saturday mornings before I go into work. I didn’t put anything down in the personal section because it’s going to be more of a relaxing day for me, and nothing in the blog once again. Sunday is less busy, with just a reminder for work and to plan ahead. The personal on Sunday has me doing some holiday baking, and the blog has me working on next week’s PWM. The little things for both days stay the same.


The sidebar is in the same format as last week, with sections for weekly goals, blog posts, and a to clean area. This week’s goals include sorting out my student loans, putting up holiday decor, and having a Thanksgiving dinner with my boyfriend. My blog post section is great to see quickly what I want to come out this week. Lastly, my To Clean section is usually the same every week since I typically clean the same fews places in my house. This week I added unpacking to this list, since it is always so easy to throw your bag down and never fully unpack. I added more stickers from the Darice Plaid Pumpkin, Tribal Turkeys, and Give Thanks sticker books.



There you have it, the completed Thanksgiving week spread. Let me know in the comments below what your spreads look like for this week, and if you have any awesome Thanksgiving plans. See you next time!

-xoxo Jen P.


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