Mini Target Haul

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be a mini Target haul, because recently I traveled home and got to check out my hometown Target and see what items they carried. Check out the post under the cut!

Dollar Spot Goodies


The first thing I grabbed from the Dollar Spot was this really cute Oven Mitt and Pot Holder set. I’m getting more and more into baking, and my house doesn’t have any oven mitts and just a few grungy pot holders. Since this was $3 and pretty festive, I grabbed it to preemptively save my hands from getting burned.


Last time I was at Target I grabbed one of these festive tissue packs, and thanks to the craziness of the East Coast weather I’ve already used half of the pack. Since they were $1 and they’re festive, I thought to grab another pack. I’m not stocking up on these simply because I have tissues at home and work, these are just for traveling purposes.


I’ve been seeing these adorable page flags from the Dollar Spot all over the internet and I knew I just had to have them! With their incredibly cute designs these are perfect for the month of December, and I’ve already started using them in my planner. Pick them up if you get the chance, for only $1 these are a steal!


My last grab from the Dollar Spot was another one of these long notepads. Normally I wouldn’t have gone for another pad simply because I grabbed one a few weeks ago, but this is too cute to pass up! I love the Santa face and I’ll definitely be using this throughout the Christmas season. This was also $1, so it was pretty affordable and definitely worth the money!

Office Supplies


I grabbed two rolls of the Scotch Expressions Washi tape, and I really love these rolls! The first is a black tribal pattern, but for some reason it reminds me of the winter season, probably because the colors in it are red, green, and white! The second roll I grabbed is a light blue color with darker blue snowflakes on it. I thought this will be really cute for the entire winter season, since it isn’t Christmassy and it is really just winter themed. Both rolls were $2.99 each.



I love having socks that are seasonally themed, especially during the colder months when they’re more important! I found these adorably cute knee socks in the sock/underwear section for women, and I couldn’t be happier with them. They’re a dark green color overall, with blue polka dots and on the top of the socks is a yeti. I can tell you that they are incredibly comfortable and fun to wear!



Since this is my first year moved out of my parent’s house, I’m finding myself in the time of year where you have to buy all new holiday decor. My boyfriend and I will be celebrating the holiday together this year at our place, so I grabbed these cute mini stockings with our first name initials on them. I went for the mini ones because we’re not really going crazy since we’re saving our money, but they’ll be cute and able to hold some candy or other little treats. Plus for $3 each I couldn’t let go of that bargain!


Well that’s it on this Target haul, let me know in the comments below what cool and fun stuff you’ve picked up recently, and I’ll see you next time!

-xoxo Jen P.


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