Winter Nail Polish

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be featuring my favorite nail polishes during the winter, and hopefully I can help inspire you to find some festive and wintery colors for your nail polish this season. Check out the post under the cut!


For my first choice in winter nails polishes, I thought that the most festive colors I owned were a gorgeous shimmery red and a deep forest green, both perfect for the Christmas season. I love these small polishes by Elf because they have a pretty nice formula and last for quite a while!


Nothing else is more wintery than silver and gold, the two runner up colors of the Christmas season! I really love these shiny colors because they add a great pop of color and are perfect for an accent nail. Once again, these ELF polishes are great quality and incredibly affordable!


Another important holiday in the winter season is New Years, and what could be more New Years than sparkles and glitter nail polish! Truth be told I’m not the biggest fan of glitter nails because it’s such a pain to take off, but all bets are off during New Years Eve! I love feeling festive and sparkly, ready to ring in a new year!


Unfortunately not every winter day can be Christmas, so I’ve found a few shades that are perfect for snowy days. I love wearing muted pinks and grays during January and February, I think the muted pastels look really nice when everything is covered in snow and really cozy. Plus, the  muted pink shades look lovely around Valentine’s day without going too overboard!


Lastly, I love minty blues and black polishes during the Winter. Mint blues go along with my previous notion of loving muted colors during the wintery months, however the mint polish also reminds me of peppermint, which is probably my favorite flavor during the winter. I love black nail polish all year round, but something about the dead trees and freezing weather makes my inner emo teenager come out and want to make my nails the color of my soul. Plus it looks super edgy, which matches my Resting Bitch Face throughout the colder months.


So that’s it for this post, let me know in the comments what nail polish colors are your go-to’s in the Winter months, and I’ll talk to you next time!

-xoxo Jen P.


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