9 More Shows to Watch over Winter Break

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is all about what shows you should be marathoning over winter break, or if you’re not a student, whenever you have free time. Last year I covered some other recommendations, so go check those out and check out this year’s shows below the cut!



I’m gonna start off with my favorite Netflix original series, starting with Daredevil. I absolutely love this show, it’s the first of the Netflix and Marvel TV superhero series, leading up to an Avengers-esque series coming out in a few years. Daredevil follows Matt Murdock, a lawyer by day and vigilante superhero by night. I loved this show because it was darker than most of the Marvel movies without being depressing; it had hilarious comedic moments that balanced out the darker parts of the series. Also, Murdock is mostly fighting corruption within Hell’s Kitchen, which I found to be a more interesting and revenant plot line (instead of fighting robots or aliens, which are clearly not reality based). Overall, I’d say to start off with Daredevil if you are anywhere interested in the Netflix superhero series, it’s a great place to begin and really sets up the setting of the overarching world.

Jessica Jones


The latest of the Netflix and Marvel partnership, Jessica Jones takes the darker tone of Daredevil and increases it ten-fold, however the dark humor really compliments the overall semi-depressing setting. Jones is a ex superhero turned private eye; she’s fighting her own demons and isn’t afraid to back down from a fight. I loved how female-centric this show is, every woman is a strong character and never downgraded to eye candy. Plus, David Tennant plays the villain, Killgrave, and good god is he amazing in this role. I absolutely love Tennant as it is, but in the role he really shines as an amazing actor.

The X Files


I’m high key obsessed with the X Files. This show (from the 90’s, mind you) is pretty amazing and a staple in modern day pop culture. FBI agents Scully and Mulder investigate crimes that have supernatural causes/results, and boy is it a wild ride. I love how downright silly it can be in some episodes, and then the seriousness others can take. It’s great for people into crime shows or anything related to the supernatural, plus it’s coming out with a new season in 2016 on Showtime, so you should start catching up!

Law and Order SVU


Another show I’m truly obsessed with is Law and Order SVU. I’ve always been a fan of the entire Law and Order series as a whole (crime show junkie here), but something about SVU stands out. Detective Olivia Bensen is amazing to watch over the entire series and is probably my hero, plus Ice T as a detective throwing out hilarious one liners is just amazing to watch. I believe seasons 13-15 are on Netflix, but I’m sure the USA channel has played the entire series through at least once (it’s also on different sites throughout the internet).

Twin Peaks


I’m honestly at a loss on how to describe this show. It’s a crime drama surrounding the death of Laura Palmer, but it’s supernatural? I guess? I don’t know, it’s a great show from the 90’s that is huge in pop culture and is coming back for a third season. I love Agent Cooper, he’s hilariously weird and perfect as a character outside from the small town that the audience can relate to. Definitely check it  out on Netflix, you won’t regret it!



If you’re looking for a smart comedy to watch, Portlandia is the show for you! The series as a whole is pretty much just mocking the hipster/genetrification movement that’s become popular over the last few years, but it does it in such a smart way. Set in the hipster paradise of Portland, Oregon, each skit within the episode is funny in its own way. I love all their reoccurring characters, and my favorite skit of all time has got to be the Put a Bird on It skit. Plus, the mayor in the series is Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks, which I think is just hilarious.



This show is absolutely hilarious! This Comedy Central show follows the characters of Adam, Blake, and Anders in their general hijinks, both at their shared home and their job. I love it because it’s so relatable as a twenty something working a regualr nine to five and living with roommates, plus I’m in love with Adam DeVine so there’s that. I believe the entire series is on Hulu, so go check it out!

The Great British Bake Off


I may live in America, but the Great British Bake Off fuels my dream of one day living in the UK. I really love baking and had heard great things about this show, so I checked it out on Netflix one day and it did not disappoint. I love the gorgeous shots of the British Countryside, plus this show on the whole is just so much nicer than American cooking shows. Here everyone is incredibly nice to each other and typically will help each other out, where as in American cooking shows they all just sort of screw each other over. Plus this show is incredibly relaxing and comforting, any general anxiety I had disappeared the second the theme song started. Check on the first season on Netflix, it’s honestly amazing!

Say Yes to the Dress


While I don’t plan on getting married anytime soon, this show is my crack. Something about the act of buying wedding dresses is just so interesting, plus it’s great to watch the drama go down within bridal parties and families as the bride tries to appease everyone. I’ve even got my dad to watch this with me, which is always hilarious as we commentate on the different dress the bride is trying on. Perfect for a lounging day around the house, many episodes are on Youtube and are a great way to kill some time!


Well that’s about it for TV shows, let me know in the comments below what shows you’ve been watching, I’m always looking for new recommendations!



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