January 2016 Plan With Me

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s post is a plan with me for the week of January 25th-31st! The sticker set I am using was put together by myself using Pages on my Macbook and images found online. Check it out below!


The first thing I do when I start planning is to lay down my washi tape. I used three tapes to compliment my spread, the blue snowflakes and the gray leaves are from the Scotch brand of washi, and the gray arrows came in a set from Joann’s Fabric. I knew my spread would be green and blue, but since I didn’t have any green tape I thought the gray would match nicely and make it look more wintery.


Next I hole punched my sheets and placed down my full boxes and headers. I always keep To-Do on the top for my daily checklists, Personal in the middle for my main plans that day, and blog on the bottom to keep track of work I’m doing for this blog! I also use the bottom two boxes for tracking weather and meals.


Monday is my first day off of the week and basically the start of my weekend. I have a few errands and calls to do on Monday,. and my main priorities on my days off so far are focusing on completing my grad school applications. In my personal section I highlighted that my boyfriend and I are looking at a new car and getting dinner with my Mom’s side of the family. Also in my blog I need to prep a future post and post this weekly PWM! The weather looks sunny but pretty cold, and I left a space for what we’re having for dinner!


On Tuesday I’m leaving my plans relatively open, I know that Tuesdays are typically my laundry days, but otherwise the focus of my checklist is still to work on my graduate school applications. The personal section is left open since I don’t have any big plans yet, but can be filled at a later time. The blog is also left open since I’m trying to make my blog schedule Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s looking like rain on Tuesday, and I have left another space for dinner tracking.


Wednesday is still less busy, my checklist only focusing on grad applications, washing my hair, and sending out my rent check early. I also make sure to give myself a reminder to pack a lunch for the next work day. In personal, I have my last driving lesson pretty early in the morning, and for the blog I’m hoping to be posting that day. The weather looks pretty good for a driving lesson, and again there’s a dinner tracking space.


Thursday is pretty exciting, my boyfriend and I have tickets to see Rooster Teeth’s movie Lazer Team in theaters! For my to-do, there isn’t much going on other than my typical reminders, and for my blog I want to prep another post. Friday looks busy for my checklist, but is really just everyday reminders about work, like sending out my timecard and packing lunch. It’s payday, so I highlighted that in my personal section, and for blog I hope to have a Lazer Team review posted.


Saturday and Sunday are pretty blank since that’s when work picks up for me and I don’t want to do much when I’m home. Sunday is always my planning day, so that’s really the only non-work item in my checklist. I don’t put down half boxes on these days unless I have definite plans happening, and my blog work is usually pretty empty on the weekend.  I am prepping another post though this saturday, and that’s probably going to be the only planned thing I do those days.


My sidebar has changed a bit, I’ve been loving using these small labeling stickers to make icons or use as check boxes. My first section has my main goals for the week, which include working on grad applications and paying bills. My second section is new this week, and has a list of TV shows I want to watch. Lastly, I have a cleaning section, which always has to take out the trash and tidy up our bedroom and the kitchen.


And there you have it, my weekly spread for this week. Let me know in the comments below what your week looks like, and have a great day!



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