Plan With Me: Valentine’s Day Edition!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s post is going to be my Plan with Me for the week of February 8th-14th, otherwise known as Valentine’s Day week! In this spread I used stickers I made myself in Pages, using images found on Pinterest and Google Images. I love planning for holidays (and just planning in general), so check out my overly pink spread below!






The first step for my planning style is to lay down my washi tape. I placed some Target Dollar Spot pink polka dot tape vertically on the sides, and some Michaels Valentine’s Day Bunting tape horizontally across the bottom of the page. In the top lefthand corner, I added some more Target pink dot tape along with some of the Scotch brand washi tape that has hearts on it. I love adding that pop of decorative tape in the top corner to place fun stickers over!


Next I placed down my To Do headers and checklists on top, and then put my Personal headers and decorative full boxes in the middle. I love having a daily checklist right at the front, and then putting a pop of color and fun in the middle of my page!


Monday is a busy day for me of sorts, I’ve started a new schedule at work and since this is my first week with it, I needed to leave room to adjust to it. My checklist includes laundry, washing my hair, and returning our old car plates to the DMV. For my personal section I’ve made a note of a TV show I’m starting to watch (Recovery Road on Freeform at 9PM!), as well as a space to recording my reading for the day. I placed the half box towards the bottom of the section and shortened up my blog section, since most of the time there is a lot of white space. Lastly, I added the weather for the day (finally seeing some snow!) and my dinner tracker.


Tuesday has less items on my to-do, since I will be working again and don’t know how my daily schedule will be. However, I do know for a fact I need to email a grad school about their application, so that was written in. In personal, I once again have a space to track reading and another blank box to record something fun or exciting from that day. In my blog section I want to prep an upcoming post, and the rest is left blank for decoration. Lastly again, weather is filled in (more snow, this may be winter yet!) and space to fill in my dinner.


Wednesday is a little more fun as it’s my first day off from work, and I left room in my checklist to add in items as the week progresses. However, so far I know I need to wash my hair, work on graduate school applications, and plan some future sticker sets! In the personal section I noted that Law and Order SVU is on at 9PM, and left some room to write down my reading progress. Another blank half box is there as well to record the day’s events. For the blog section I have a post I plan on uploading, and some more prep work for another few posts. Weather and dinner tracking is placed on the bottom of the page.


Thursday is my other day off this week, so it’s a little more filled in the checklist area, with such extravagant tasks like taking out the garbage and packing my lunch for the next day. In my personal section I leave space for how much I read that day and another half box In the blog section I’m trying to prep as much of next week’s posts as I can since I don’t have any work. Weather again is on the bottom of the page with my dinner tracker.


Friday is much busier in the checklist as I have many tasks that typically fall on Fridays, including sending my timecard and a reminder that Friday is trash day. I also have a few bills to pay, and I would like to wash my hair again that day. In the personal section I note that the Amazing Race premieres at 8PM (go Team Burnie and Ashley!) and leave yet another space for book tracking. In my half box I note that Friday is my payday (hence paying all the bills) and that I have yet another dentist appointment after work. In my blog section I have a post planned to go up, and I leave room for weather and dinner at the bottom.


Saturday is once again a little bare, besides work and prepping my lunch for Sunday, my only concrete plan as of now is to plan then, since I won’t be planning on Valentine’s Day. I leave room in the personal section for my reading, and the half box is left empty to be filled in later. I typically like to leave my blog alone on the weekends since that’s when I’m the most tired from work, so no blog header and the space left empty for decoration. The weather is on the bottom (zero degrees as the low is nightmare inducing!) and room to fill in my dinner.


Sunday I’ve left somewhat empty as I’m not sure about my plans as of yet. My only checklist items are work and packing my lunch for Monday, and I’m sure as it gets closer I’ll find more tasks that need to be done. In personal I leave more room for my reading tracking, and when I took this picture I had written in the half box that it was Valentine’s Day. HOWEVER, later while decorating I found a Valentine’s Day sticker that looked better than my handwriting, so I covered the top of the box. I made sure to leave room in the box to write down what we did for the holiday. I left the blog area blank again, and put the weather and dinner tracking on the bottom of the page.img_4022

For the side bar I went back to my typical set up: Weekly Goals, Blog Posts, and To Clean. In my weekly goals I included working on grad apps, paying my individual bills, and making sure my blog is prepped and posted. For my blog section I just write down the three posts I want to put up this week. Lastly, my to clean is the same every week with the kitchen, our bedroom, and the trash as my main responsibilities.

FullSizeRender 2

I then went in and added the same Target and Scotch washi tape in the blank parts of the blog section to make this more of a no white space spread. Then I used the three cutest Darice sticker books that I found in Michaels (Love LettersFolksy Forest, and Valentine’s Birds and Bees) to decorate. You can see where I placed the Valentine’s Day sticker over my bad handwriting on Sunday’s half box, while it doesn’t look amazing I really don’t mind how it turned out. I love how ultra cute and pink this is, it screams Valentine’s Day to me and, while I never used to like the color pink I have to admit I’m head over heels for the shades in this spread!


Let me know in the comments what themes or stickers you used for Valentine’s Day week, and I’ll see you next time in my next post!

end pic


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