Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, in today’s post I’m going to be sharing a makeup look that I think would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Wether you’re on a date with bae, going out for brunch with the girls, or just going to work like myself, I think that this look is perfect for just a hint of Valentine’s Day pink with a more natural look. Check it out below!


So firstly, this is my face with no makeup on it. I have quite a bit of redness in my face, especially on my entire nose and around my cheeks. I’m only wearing a bit of moisturizer on this photo, as I believe that when I wear just a bit of it on my problems areas my skin looks a bit better under the makeup. I also have pretty chapped lips right now, as it’s finally starting to be winter here in New York and the cold is really affecting me.


The first step in my makeup routine is prepping and finishing my skin. I start by applying my Rimmel Stay Matte Primer as a way to make sure my makeup lasts throughout the day. Then I add some of the NYX Color Correcting Cream in Green, as it counteracts the redness in my face. I apply it just to my nose area, my mouth area, and some spots on my forehead. Both of these products I apply using my fingers as it doesn’t necessarily need to be precise. Then I go in with my Covergirl Ready Set Goregous Foundation in Creamy Natural, this shade is just a tad darker than my natural skin tone but it makes me look less like a vampire and more like a human being. I apply this using my Beauty Blender, as I find it even applies the product and leaves a natural looking finish. Lastly I put on some of the Plamer’s Lip Balm just to prep my lips for the lipstick application later.


My next step is warming up my face. I start off using the Maybelline FIT Me Concealer in Light under my eyes and to highlight my forehead, nose, and mouth; blending using the Beauty Blender again. Normally you would set your foundation and concealer now, but since my skin is a bit weird I find that using any sort of setting powder makes my face ultra cakey. So instead, I move on to blush and bronzer using my ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzer Duo. I love the blush in this, it’s a gorgeous rosy color with just a bit of a golden sparkle to it, and the bronzer is just warm enough for my skin tone to make me look healthy. I apply the blush on the apples of my cheeks and the bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks and around my face to warm up my complexion using the a Real Techniques Face/Powder Brush. Next I use a sample of the Benefit High Beam Highlighter to highlight my face where the sun naturally hits, typically on above my cheekbones, down my nose, and on my cupid’s bow. Lastly, I’ve been filling in my brows for the past few month using the IT Cosmetics Brow Powder and I love it! My brows are naturally more thick and dark, so I just use this product to fill in sparser areas and just control the natural brows a bit.


Next step is the Valentine’s Day inspired part of the tutorial: the eyes. I first put down a base eyeshadow using the Milani Shadow Eyez in Champagne ToastThis base champagne color will make sure the eye shadows last throughout the day and add a pop of color underneath what we will put down next. I then took the Wet and Wild Eye Shadow Trio in I’m Getting Sunburned, and using the brow bone pink color I applied that all over the lid using a Real Techniques Eye Shadow Brush. This shade is just sparkly enough to make your eyes pop! Lastly, I took my Sephora Blinged Palette and used the first color, a bright white shade, to highlight my brow bone and place on the inside corners of my eyes, all using an ELF Crease Brush. I think this gorgeous rosy color really makes the eyes pop without being too in your face. It’s natural without being unnoticeable, and I really like how I can wear this everyday or to work without having too much makeup on.


Next step is completing the eyes and my favorite makeup product in general: eyeliner! I added a medium thickness line to my eyes running to almost the inner corners of my eyes using the Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner in Black. I love this liquid eyeliner because it is so easy to control and apply to the lids, its perfect for a beginner to liquid eyeliner like me. Next I put on mascara using the Benefit They’re Real, I usually put two coats on my top lashes to really get the length I desire, and just one coat on the bottom lashes to make them look like they exist.


Lastly I finish my lips, first applying my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in San Paulo. I love this liquid lipstick for this look, as it’s a pretty bright Barbie Pink color, however if that’s not really your style a Red lip would look really nice with this look as well. An optional step would be to add a lip gloss to this look, I went for the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Gloss in Birthday Babe.


And that’s the final look, a soft pink eyeshadow with a bright pink lip. I love how this turned out and I think that this look is pretty adaptable for an everyday look. Let me know in the comments below what makeup look you’re going for this Valentine’s Day and I’ll see you in my next post!

end pic


One thought on “Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial

  1. Krys says:

    I love the soft pink!!

    If you have a chance, please check out my Valentine’s Day tutorial I just posted on my new YouTube channel. You can find the link on my blog 🙂

    Krys xo


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