Book Review: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is another book review, this time the collection of essays and stories called Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Poehler writes in the introduction not to expect a typical novel structure out of this book, instead opting to combine various comedic essays about her life and things she’s learned and tied loosely together to create pseudo-chapters. Check out my thoughts on this book below!


20910157-1As I mentioned before, Yes Please is less of a story or a memoir and more a collection of stories and comedic essays, and I must admit it’s pretty damn funny. But then, of course, what made by Amy Poehler isn’t funny?! One thing I noticed outright about the book is that Poehler doesn’t go too in depth into her current personal life or recent struggles. She claims that writing about her divorce from Will Arnett makes her too sad, so she decides to skim over it, referencing it on occasion. She writes a lot about things she’s discovering at her age of 42, which is hard to relate to at my age of 22. Essays about motherhood, giving birth, and just some of the mentions she has to middle aged women stuff is just something I cannot relate to. While I loved her essays on how she got into improve comedy and began her career, I skimmed over essays about divorce book titles. I just wished she delved more into her younger years and giving more life advice to younger women, which primarily seem to be her target audience.

I give this book 3 stars out of 5 because I really did enjoy the read for its humor and occasional bit of life advice. Poehler preaches about working hard in your industry to earn your recognition and not allowing yourself, as a young woman, to be invisible in your industry. It lost some stars for me because of the choppy nature of the book structure, as well as the bits of the book that I just could not relate to due to my age and lack of life experience.


I’m participating in the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge (I’m going for 50 books read in 2016!), so if you’d like to follow along with my progress or just see what I’m reading you can check that out here. I’m also attempting the Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge, which can be found here. Let me know in the comments any books you’d recommend and what you’re currently reading. See you all next time!

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