April Life List 2016

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, I cannot believe that we are already in April! With the first three months of the year gone and my area slowly moving into spring, it’s time for my April Life List/Goals. Every month I love to make a small list of fun, cute lifestyle goals for myself based around the season. Check out my list below!

April Goals

Since it’s moving into Spring, I’m looking forward to introducing more pastels into my home and wardrobe, as well as wearing more warmer weather clothing, like skirts and dresses. I also love having fresh flowers around the house during the springtime, it just makes everything feel more fresh and alive.

I’m also looking forward to being more productive on the home front this month, I really want to learn how to cook two new recipes as well as spring clean my entire house. Basically I want to go through all my belongings before our move starts getting closer, and what better time to clean than spring!

Lastly, I’m hoping to read four new books this month. I’m trying to read 50 books this year, and to stay on goal I think getting four books out of the way will be helpful in the long run. Plus, what’s better than reading outside in your backyard on a lovely spring day!


What are you looking forward to this April? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you next post!

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3 thoughts on “April Life List 2016

    • jennip13 says:

      Thanks for the comment! I took a picture of some flowers outside my house and loaded it into word, put a white box over it and lowered the opacity, and then placed a text box over it. Hope that answered your question!

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