April Plan with Me: Donut Spread!

Hello everyone and welcome back t my blog! Today I’m going to be sharing my Plan with Me for the week of April 18th-24th, and I choose to do a donut spread. I think that a donut spread looks great during the month of April because you can incorporate some pastel colors for spring in a fun and different way than most pastel spring spreads! I made the stickers I used in this kit, as well as incorporating designs that I found on Pinterest. Check out my Plan With Me down below!


To start off, I choose which washi tapes I was going to use in this spread. The top two tapes were part of a set from Joann’s Fabrics, and then the pink dots and the transparent hearts were from the Scotch washi collection, and the bottom two tapes were picked up a while ago from the Target Dollar Spot. I wanted to included some pastel pinks and oranges, while using the cute sprinkle tape. I believe I also use some washi tape with cupcakes on it from Michaels, which I decided halfway through my spread to use.


Next I put down the washi, using the salmon color on the sides and the blue stripes on the bottom. I also placed my full boxes in the middle, the half boxes slightly underneath them, and the headers. As usual, I love doing my daily To-Do lists on the top and my Personal headers on the full boxes. I’ve started placing my Blog headers only on days where I am working on blog stuff, so those I place when I’m on that day while planning.


To start with Monday, on my to-do I have my work schedule, as well as updated my social media and rewriting my grad school resumes. I also am trying to schedule some runs in now that the wealth is getting really nice outside. In my personal section I added a box for tracking my reading, and in my half box I wrote down that I needed to pick up my prescription while leaving room to record something interesting from the day. In my blog section I wanted to post this PWM (sorry it’s late!) and I filled the white space with washi. Lastly, at the bottom I put down the weather and a place to track my dinners.IMG_0025

For Tuesday I wrote down my work schedule in the to-do, as well as washing my hair and finishing up rewriting my resumes. I also was looking to do a bit of cleaning on Tuesday too. In personal I left another space for reading tracking, and in the half box I wrote down that it was the New York Primaries and reminded myself to go out and vote! I didn’t plan on doing anything with my blog, so I filled the rest of the box with washi and added weather and dinner tracking at the bottom.


For Wednesday I have quite a bit of cleaning in my to-do, which included laundry and working on my grad school applications. In my personal section I put in my Wednesday TV shows, which are Survivor at 8PM and Catfish at 10PM. I left the half box blank to record the day’s activities, and in the blog section I added some posts I wanted to prep, as well as a post I wanted to put up (which will be moved now to Friday!). I filled in the rest of the white space and added the weather and my dinner tracking.


For Thursday I added some normal weekly tasks for me in my to-do section, like working on my grad school apps and reminders to take out all the trash. I also added my second run of the week, which should be nice since it’s going to be a beautiful day then. In personal I have nothing so I picked the full box that has words on it, so they aren’t hidden by boxes. My half box is empty for recording something from the day. In blog I want to use my day off to prep a post, and then I filled in the white space with washi tape. Lastly, I added the weather (which I accidentally messed up a bit, but I don’t particularly mind) and my dinner tracker.IMG_0030

Friday is back to the work grind, so I have my typical work tasks for this day, which includes my schedule and sending out my timecard. I also remind myself that it’s trash day and that I want to work on my grad school apps. In my personal section I note that it’s payday for me and I also have The Amazing Race on at 8PM. In personal, it’s once again left blank for noting something from the day. I was planning on posting a blog post that day, but that specific post is being rescheduled for something else. I filled in the white space with washi and added the weather and my dinner tracker.


Saturday is a less busy day for me, I just have work and cutting stickers for my Sunday planning day in my to-do list, as well as washing my hair. In personal, once again it’s pretty blank, I just placed a reading tracker and left my half box blank. There’s no blog work on the weekends so I just filled the rest of my space with washi, which includes the cupcake washi I mentioned at the beginning of the post. I just added more weather and dinner trackers at the bottom of the page.


Sunday is about as busy as Saturday, I just note in my to-do section my work schedule and that I plan on Sundays. I placed my reading tracker in the personal section and I also note that Game of Thrones comes back at 9PM that day, which I’m so excited for! I left the had box blank, filled the remaining space with washi, and placed my weather and dinner tracker at the bottom. I also added some donut decorations from here.


For my sidebar, I used one more of the donut stickers from before, and used my typical sections of goals, blog posts, and cleaning. In my weekly goals I put down having the blog prepped and posted, running two times this week, voting, and finishing a book I’ve been reading for a while. I listed the three blog posts I had planned to put up this week, the last one will be moved now to next week (hopefully). Lastly, my cleaning section is the same as every week, which includes cleaning the kitchen and bedroom, doing the dishes and laundry, and taking out the trash.



So that’s it, the finished donut spread for the week of April 18th-24th! Let me know in the comments below what spreads you’ve been loving for April, and I’ll see you next time!

xoxo jen p

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