Finals Week Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is for all the students out there preparing for the dreaded finals week, a week where all nighters reign supreme and coffee is the chosen diet. As someone who has survived all four years of college and, therefore, 8 different finals weeks, I thought that I would share some of my gained knowledge. Check out some of my helpful finals week tips below!

Weeks/Days Before Test:

Make a Schedule

One of the most important things you can do to prepare yourself for finals is to make a schedule allotting your studying time. As someone who loves to plan but also needs a written guide, making a study schedule was incredibly helpful to me. Many college students are also juggling work, internships, and extracurricular activities as well as their finals, so making a map of the upcoming weeks can help you track where you are spending your time. Also, having specific study times laid out makes you hold yourself accountable because you have already set aside the time to do your work!

Prioritize Your Workload

 Along with planning, start to figure out what of your tasks are most important vs. least important. Knowing that you have an essay due in a few days means that you would prioritize that work over studying for a test that is weeks away. Try the stoplight system: highlight items red for the most important work, yellow for a medium priority, and green for least important. Review your priorities weekly or after a major task has been completed.

Reach out to Classmates

Check your school’s academic site (for example, my college used Backboard), many of these sites has the ability for you to email or view your class roster. Reaching out to your classmates can be incredibly helpful, whether you are looking to form a study group or sharing notes and study guides. Remember that everyone is in this together and people are always willing to help out others in a bind!

Stay Hydrated!

While it is tempting to reach for coffee and other energy drinks, staying hydrated with good old H2O is going to be the best for you. Drinking the right amount of water will make sure your body is running healthy and will keep away any pesky headaches brewing!

Have a Friend Read Over Papers

Peer review can be great for finding grammar ans spelling mistakes you miss after writing papers for hours. Find a friendly english or history major and ask them to double check your essays, they’ll find any random typos in no time and check over your sentence flow, you won’t regret it!

Night Before Test:

Prep Your Bag/Backpack

Make sure you have extra pens and pencils, eraser, a calculator, pretty much anything you may need for your exam. Are you allowed a cheat sheet? Better make sure it’s ready for the exam and not lost in your room! Have an open book exam? Make sure to put aside any books or materials you are going to need. Trust me, it’s better to put your things together ahead of time rather than rushing around stressed the morning of!

Set Multiple Alarms

Don’t be like Freshman year Jen, you slept through her 8 AM English final and barely passed the class! Make sure that, if you are using your phone as your alarm clock, it is charging and the alarms are set. If you know you have trouble waking up early,  set as many alarms as you’ll need to wake up on time!

Night Before Routine

The night before an exam there are a few things you should make sure to do. Firstly, don’t try and learn an entire semester’s material in one night, it’s just not going to happen. Instead, look over your notes and concentrate on reviewing the topics you have the most problems with. Second, make sure to get a good meal in you. The next morning you won’t be your brightest with only some snacks from the night before in your system, so eat dinner! Lastly, get to bed early. Your brain runs better when it’s well rested, and a good night’s sleep with do a world of good for you!

Day of Exam:

Get to your Exam Early!

By getting to your exam room early, this gives you time to review your notes and talk out problem material with your classmates. Also, you might be able to ask any last minute questions to your professor. You also lose any stress that arrives with running late places, by getting there early you can take a deep breath and feel prepared!


Well there you have it, those were a few of my finals week tips and tricks. Let me know in the comments below what tips you have for finals week. Good luck on your exams and see you next time!

xoxo jen p


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