May Plan With Me 2016

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog, today’s post is going to be my plan with me for the week of May 16th-22nd! As per usual, the stickers I use in my planner are created by me using the Pages application on my laptop and the images are all found on google images and Pinterest. This week the theme I went with is the May colors in the Erin Condrin planner, which are pink and a teal color. I use the planner pages from here and I’d highly recommend them if you are a beginning planner or not quite ready to commit to an expensive planner. Check out how my PWM turned out below!


The first step in my plan with me’s, as many of you may know, is that I cut down my planner sheets to size and add the week’s washi tape along the vertical and horizontal edges. This week I chose two different Scotch tapes, the first is a pink patterned one and the second is a blue geometric tape. Lastly, I added some thin silver arrow tape along the inner edge that I bought from Joann’s Fabric.


On Monday I started off with my daily To-Do list. Some of my tasks included washing my hair, my work schedule, and getting my prescription from the pharmacy. I also wanted to pack an overnight back for the next day, as I had a quick trip home to get a few things before we move. In the personal section I added a reading tracker and a half box to record the day’s main event. In my blog section I wanted to post (but clearly that didn’t happen) and I filled in the rest of the box with different washi from the Scotch brand and the Target Dollar Spot. I left a space to record the weather and added in my dinner tracker.


On Tuesday I once again started off with my daily To-Do list. This day I didn’t have too many tasks to accomplish because I knew I would spend most of the day traveling. In the personal section I added a reminder to post to Instagram, as I have been trying to post at least two times a week (if you’d like to follow me on Instagram, the link will be at the end of this post!). I left the half box empty again to fill in the day’s events and added more washi from the Dollar spot to fill in the rest of the box, as I don’t typically work on my blog on Tuesdays. Once again there are weather and dinner trackers at the bottom of the page.


Wednesday is usually quite a busy day for me since it is my first of two days off. In the To-Do list I planned on washing my hair again, doing laundry, packing up part of my house, and painting my nails. In the personal section I added a reading tracker since I knew I would be in the car all day, and not pictured is the quarter box I later added to note that the Survivor finale was on that night. The half box was once again left empty for filling in my plans later. In the blog section I wanted to post again as well as prep some future posts, filling in the rest of the box with Dollar Spot washi. Lastly, space for the weather was left and my dinner tracker was placed down.


Thursday is another busy day since it’s my last day off of the week, and I try to take full advantage of that in my To-Do section. I have a reminder to take out all the trash and clean around the house, as well as pack again and drop off some clothes I’m donating. In the personal section I left it pretty much blank, only including a half box. In the blog section I planned to prep future posts and filled in the rest of the box with washi. Lastly, weather and dinner trackers were placed at the bottom of the page.


Friday is the first day back at work, so my To-Do list is usually pretty full. I remind myself to send out my timecard and wash my hair, as well as planned to run since it should be a nice day out. In my personal section I used quarter boxes to note that it is my payday and that trash is collected that day. I also included a reading tracker and a half box. In blog I plan on posting and filled in the rest of the box with washi. I also left room for the weather to be noted and my dinner tracker.


Saturday is less busy and my To-Do list makes that pretty clear. I wrote down my work schedule and added in to cut stickers for the next day and pack my lunch for Sunday. In personal I included another reading tracker and a reminder to post to Instagram, as well as a half box. I don’t work on my blog on the weekend, so the box I just filled with washi. Again, there’s room at the bottom of the page for weather recording and a dinner tracker.


Sunday’s To-Do list is pretty busy, which is pretty abnormal for me. I noted my work schedule and to pack lunch for the next day, however I am also planning on washing my hair and running. You also can’t forget to plan Sunday night! In personal I include my usual reading tracker and empty half box, and the blog section is once again washi taped over. Lastly, the weather and dinner are noted at the bottom.


At the top of my sidebar I added more washi tape for a decorative touch, and began my sidebar with my weekly goals. These include blog prep and posting, as well as running two times a week and posting to Instagram. Next up is my blog posts I planned to post throughout the week. Lastly, I have my typical weekly cleaning list which includes things like doing the dishes and laundry. For my sidebar check circles I used the mini Avery label stickers in altering pink and green colors.



Well there you have it folks, my weekly spread for May 16th-22nd. I hope seeing some of my spreads gives you inspiration for your own planner, and let me know what some of the planner spreads you have planned for the upcoming weeks in the comments below. See you next time!

xoxo jen p

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