Summer Nails

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I thought that since the weather is warming up (85 F here in NY!) I would share some of my favorite nail polish colors for the summer months. Check out what my favorite summer nails are below!


First off, I love me some bright, almost neon colors during the summer. Something about bright polish are our nails just looks great with a bit of a tan and screams fun when you’re out and about in the sun! Starting on the right we have Essie’s Ruffles and Feathers which is a gorgeous green color. I love this for days where I want a more relaxed polish that still has a bit of pop to it. Next up is Essie’s Brides No Grooms which is a bright neon pink. This is perfect for the beach or pool, basically any place that screams fun for a summer activity! Lastly, I included Essie’s Bahama Mama, which is a beautiful purple shade with some pink undertones. I love this chilled out vibe for when I want a darker color that still looks great with a tan!


What else screams summer if not blue ocean tones! First we have Essie’s Go Overboard which is a nice medium shade of blue. It’s perfect for when you want a slightly darker color but nothing too overpowering. Next is Essie’s Style Cartel, which is a much darker blue shade, almost a navy blue. I have to admit that I tend to lean towards darker shades, so this is perfect for when I want something darker and more my typical, everyday style. Last up has to be my favorite nail polish of all time, Essie’s Beach Bum Blue. This is such a gorgeous color, it has the medium to light blue shade, however it’s got almost a metallic finish to it. It straight up reminds me of the color of the ocean and I honestly feel like a mermaid when I wear this, if I’m being 100% honest!


Well those are my stand out shades of nail polish for the summer months. What is your go-to nail polish once the warmer weather hits? Let me know in the comments below! Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather and I’ll see you next time!

xoxo jen p

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