2016 Goals Check In

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m doing a check in on my goals for this year and seeing how I’ve been progressing with them. I wanted to do this check in because it’s good to be public with your goals and hold yourself accountable. Plus, checking in on your goals throughout the year helps you reassess wether the goals are working or need to be changed. Check out how my goals for 2016 have been going below!


Get into Graduate School

So here’s where I am with grad school plans. I’ve completed decided on what program I want to go for, but I’ve struggle making a list of schools. It’s hard to decide where I want to go to school, just based on location. My decision is based on cost and location, as I have to find a school where both I and my boyfriend can be successful. I’ve put off applying to schools for the Summer semester at least, I would like to reassess at the end of the month or into July based on where my boyfriend can find a job and I can be successful.


Get my Driver’s License

So shocker, I still don’t have my license. After I took my last driving lesson, I realized that I wasn’t too comfortable taking my test right away. I think I need more practice with parallel parking and just getting a bit more confidence behind the wheel. Plus I still need a five hour course, however the one provided with my classes doesn’t work with my work schedule. So, until I have the money for some more lessons and the course, I think this is going to be on hold for the month.

Move into our own apartment

This goal is one step closer! After our lease ended on June 1st, my boyfriend and I have moved into a sublet slightly outside of our town. While my boyfriend job searches we are planning on subletting, but once he finds something substantial we’re planning on finding the right place for us. We’ve done a bunch of apartment searching and I’m really excited to start decor hunting!

Get my finances in order

I have built my savings account up throughout the past few months and I’m happy to say that I’ve been keeping up with putting money away for a rainy day. I’ve also been excellent about paying my bills on time and I’m feeling good about my financial situation for once. I mean, it could always be better, but for now I’m happy!

Include more people in my life

The past few months I’ve enjoying spending time with my roommates and having fun enjoying their last few days as college students. Now that the summer is upon us and a lot of our friends have gone back home, I’m looking to find some hobbies that allow me to meet new people and build new friendships.


Bake more food

I’ve done quite a bit of baking this year and I’ve really enjoyed the hobby. I’ve gotten quite the sweet tooth in the past few months and so baking has kind of quelled that addiction. Once we’re in our on place I plan on baking a lot more in my own dedicated space.

Start working on serious photography

As i’ve started work more on this blog, I’ve been trying to explore more interesting places to find better backdrops for pictures. Not only am I pushing myself to go explore my own area more and find something to photograph outside my backyard, but I’m just trying to take more pictures in general. I’m excited to continue to progress in my photography throughout the rest of the year.

Stretch Everyday

I still do stretch everyday, just mostly at work to stretch out my back. Since I’m working at a desk on the computer all day, my back does get stuck sometimes and I need to just stretch it out and crack it. I’m still focused on making sure my body is healthy and I’m taking the time to focus on myself.


So there we have it, my check in on my goals/resolutions for 2016. How are your goals going? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo jen p


One thought on “2016 Goals Check In

  1. Delles says:

    Dear Jen P,

    I strongly agree that 2016 is a wonderful and opportune year! You have a dynamic list of things you intend to accomplish and I am very similar.

    I plan to organize my finances and also I want to build stronger relationships with the people in my life.

    Likewise, meeting more people and being a positive influence are also feats I want to accomplish this year. I really like your headings with the paint splash background.

    Every day (I believe) is a chance to learn something new, be grateful, and move forward on our goals – I am making progress, thanks for asking.

    I am grateful I found this post, thank you for sharing your goals, have a cool day!

    – Delles


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