My Adulting Life Goals

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I was challenged by  Personal Capital to come up with a list of achievable goals to benefit my future, and since I love talking about my goals and plans for the future, I thought this post would be right up my alley. We all have big plans for our future, and I’m no exception. I love coming up with goals and then figuring out how I can plan towards them. Here’s some of the big goals I have for my future!

Pay off my student loans


Like many recent college graduates, I’m drowning in student debt. Without taking out loans there was simply no way for me to attend any form of higher education, and my loans pretty much covered most of my tuition and other college expenses. Now that I am graduated with a full time job, I am enrolled in a payment plan but that massive debt umber just never seems to be going down. In the next ten to fifteen years I hope to have paid off my student loan debt completely. This might be a bit of a stretch time wise, since I also plan on returning to higher education to get my Masters degree, which will only add to the debt unfortunately, but here’s to hoping and working towards being debt free!

Continue to grow my savings account


I’ve been pretty poor with saving any money throughout my college years, but since I’ve been independent and living away from my family I’ve understood the need to grow and nurture my savings account. Putting away money is incredibly important, you never know when an emergency will happen and you’ll need extra money. I’ve been working to adding a portion of my paychecks to my savings account every other week to ensure I keep putting money away. This will eventually go to leasing a new apartment, getting my own car, and any other important purchases that may come up in the future.

Travel to the U.K.


While I know the Brexit has created a bit of a situation in the U.K., my dream vacation is the travel there. My Grandmother, who I’m very close to, is from Manchester originally and I grew up listening to stories about living in England. As I’ve gotten older and learned more about the history and the culture, I have made it my mission to stay in the country at some point. If the finances were right, I would love to live there for a few months to a year if possible, but I could settle with a nice vacation in the future!

Start up my retirement fund


I’m going to confess to a very stupid thing right now: I am currently not putting any money aside for my eventual retirement. This is probably the dumbest thing I could do, since it’s so important to start saving for this as early as possible. In the next few months I plan on putting money aside on every paycheck using my workplace retirement plan. If you have a full time job with a workplace that has a retirement plan already, please start saving now. You’ll thank yourself years down the line. If you’d like to check out some resources for early retirement planning, check out these tools from Personal Capital!

Take classes for a hobby/interest


I want to start taking local classes in things that interest me. One such example is that I’m looking into adult dance classes in my area. I used to dance for years as a kid and now that I’m older I want to get back into it again. Keeping your brain and your body active as you get older is important, and by taking some local classes you can make new friends and meet new people.

Get my Masters Degree


Now that I’ve had some work experience I’ve started to have a understanding of where I want my career to go. I plan on going back to higher education to receive my Masters Degree in Elementary Education. I’ve always loved working with kids and am looking forward into getting into my dream field and finding a personal fulfillment in my career. Plus, I honestly love being in school, so I look forward to getting back into classes and the swing of higher ed.

Live in a major city


I am a city girl at heart, I grew up a short train ride away from New York City and I love the hustle and bustle of big urban areas. However, living in these cities are basically incredibly expensive. While I don’t have the money to live in these areas in my immediate future, once my finances are in order I’d really love to live in a major city. I love the atmosphere and just need the money section of my life to work out. Plus, I just feel like this would be an amazing life experience to have!

Settle down and have a family


In the future I would love to settle down and have a family/children. I’ve always loved being around kids and whenever I think about my future and what my life will be like in twenty years, marriage and kids are always a part of my image. I find fulfillment in my personal life and my family, so I know that this is a major goal for my future adult life. While I’m totally not looking to have kids now, I know that as I get older this will be more and more important to me. For now, I’m enjoying being 22 and having the freedom of being a young person in 2016. I want to get some fun and interesting life experiences now and eventually settle down and have a family.


Well that’s it for my Adulting Life Goals. What are some of your future goals? Let me know in the comments below and have a great day!

xoxo jen p


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