Halloween Week Plan With Me

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be my Halloween week plan with me, which I’m excited to say has a few new interesting features! I’ve been planning in my new planner for the last month or so, which is a Happy Planner. I love this planner, it is so easy to customize and so much fun to work on stickers for. Lastly, I started a new job this week! I am now working a normal Monday-Friday schedule so I’m excited to have a normal looking spread with true weekends! Check out my plan with me below!


This is what my pages look like when I start out. I always remove them from the Happy Planner so it’s easier to work with, and I typically preplan on notepad pages from the Target Dollar Spot which I washi tape to the wall above my desk for easy viewing. Right now I have two little post it flags on Monday which say that it is Halloween and my first day of a new job. I also really love the color scheme of this planner, and especially the blues and greens of November!


The next step for me is to cut by hand my “sticker” sheet and lay out all my daily components of the kit. I made this kit using images from Pinterest and put it together using Pages on my laptop. I decided to switch things up this week and use the same colors on everyday, rather than mixing and matching. I’ve also enjoyed placing the To-Do section at the bottom of the pages and my Little Things at the top because I like how the page flows and leaves extra room for decoration. After deciding how I would like to lay them out, I use double sided tape to secure them down to the page.


Next I go day by day through my planner. On Monday I only have two little things, a blog post and recording my dinner. My Today section includes a half box to record highlights from the day’s events. My To-Do section has things like my work schedule, prepping for NaNoWriMo, and calling the post office. I also went ahead and recorded the week’s weather at the top of the page for convenience.


Tuesday is the first of the month, which means rent is due for me. I also included in my little things that Big Brother OTT has live diary rooms that night and that I would like to post an article to my My Trending Stories account, as well as dinner. The Today section only has so far that NaNoWriMo begins that day, which is the start of writing a 50,000 word novel in one month. Lastly, my to-do list includes items like washing my hair, having driving practice, and the beginning of recording my daily word count for my novel.


Wednesday’s Little Things feel a bit squished, but it’s readable so I couldn’t care less. I have three TV shows on that night, Survivor, Law and Order SVU, and BB OTT. I also have a blog post going up that day that I need to prep for as well, and, of course, a place to record dinner. My To-Do section has my work schedule, a reminder to go for a run or job, and my daily word count. I also want to look into volunteering opportunities in my area since I will have weekends free and I am looking to giving back.


Thursday is a bit of a boring day, with my only Little Thing being a recording for dinner. My Today section is blank once again, as I fill it in at the end of the week with my plans. My To-Do section has my work schedule, a reminder to wash hair, and my usual daily to-dos. I also wrote that I would like to look into getting midnight tickets to see the new Fantastic Beasts movie that comes out in a few weeks, since I am a major Harry Potter nerd!


Friday I have more BB OTT Live Diary Rooms happening and another blog post going up, as well as dinner. I also recorded that it is payday from my previous job in the today section. My to-do list is pretty empty, with the only thing out of the daily tasks is to work on the rest of November’s stickers and to tidy up around the house. Saturday I want to prep for next week’s blog posts, as well as putting up another article. In my to-do list I am doing laundry, washing my hair, practicing driving, and hopefully baking some cookies!


Sunday I want to finish out my blog prep and record my dinner for the night. In my to-do list I have to go for another run or jog, tidy up around the house again, and to print out the next few weeks of sticker sets. I’m trying to utilize my days off for major blog prep, since my boyfriend has the same schedule and can help me with pictures, as well as getting the bulk of the typical housework done then.


I used these five washi tapes to decorate the white space above my little things section, all of which were from Target except the black spider web tape which is from Michaels last year. I’ve been running the orange glitter tape throughout all my spreads for the month and it’s created a gorgeous symmetry I want to keep up with for future spreads. I also used a pen from the Target Dollar spot to fill out my To-Do sections, a Sharpie Fine Pen to fill out my half boxes and the weather, and a Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Marker to fill my little things boxes in. I also decorated with various Darice sticker books from Michaels.


So this was how my spread turned out! I love using the Darice sticker books to add in fun decoration and make it less serious. I also love that I kept the colors the same throughout the days and I think I’m definitely going to be doing that in future spreads. Lastly, I just thought I’d give a quick word on my sidebar: my three sections are leftover little things boxes I didn’t use and mark out my weekly goals, the blog posts I want to put up throughout the week, and a weekly To Clean list. These headers stay the same every week and are quick reference points for me when flipping through my planner.


Well there you have it folks, my Halloween week plan with me! Now that I have a Happy Planner I really want to get into weekly plan with me’s, so let me know in the comments below if that is something you would be interested in. Also, how are you spending your Halloween? I’m typing up this post and eating candy because we didn’t get any trick or treaters. Have a spoopy week!

xoxo jen p


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