Plan with Me: December 12th-18th

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is a Plan with Me Monday, so today I’m going to walk you through my weekly planning session! I use a Happy Planner from Michaels, and I create my own sticker sets in Pages by finding images on Pinterest. If you’d like to check out my board that I save the images in, you can find that here. Check out my plan with me below!


To begin with, I cut out all my stickers and place down the frame of the weekly plan. I’ve kept up with matching the colors of the headers and checklists throughout the spread and I love the continuity of the colors. I also tried a new thing this week by cutting down my checklists based on my preplanned to-do’s. This, I figured, would give me extra room to lay down decorative stickers at the end of the spread.


Starting off in the beginning of the week with Monday, I had only two little things: to post this blog post and my dinner recorder. In the Today section, I used a Christmas countdown from Paper and Glam and I marked down using another one of her stickers that it is National Gingerbread Day. In my half box I marked that our car is being towed because we got rear ended and it needs to go into the shop, and I left room for my future plans. In the To-Do section I marked down using my own icons and Paper and Glam stickers that I wanted to paint my nails, bake cookies, wash my hair, and my everyday work schedule and to pack tomorrow’s lunch.


For Tuesday, my Little Things include a post to My Trending Stories and a dinner tracker, and for Today I left a Christmas countdown and an empty half box to write down what happened throughout the day. For my To-Do section, I have work, planning and order presents, and tasks relating to working on my post.


Wednesday has a few little things, I have a bill due, a blog post, and a dinner tracker. For Today, I included a countdown and noted in my half box that the Survivor finale is on at 8PM – something I’m super excited for! Lastly, for To-Do I have work, washing my hair, sending a birthday card to my brother, and working on blog and posting schedules.


Thursday is a pretty calm day, I only have a dinner tracker for little things and a Christmas countdown in Today, along with noting that Thursday is payday for me. In To Do I included my work schedule, to work on career planning, starting to compile my January stickers, organizing and decluttering my clothing, and to pack my lunch for the next day.


Friday has two little things planned, a blog post and a dinner tracker. For Today, I put down my Christmas countdown and I also noted that Friday is National Ugly Sweater Day – guess that makes outfit planning easier! My To-Do list is shorter, including my work schedule, working on some career planning, washing my hair, and hopefully finishing up January’s stickers.


Saturday’s little things are pretty busy, but luckily my new way of planning made it so I still had space for decorating afterwords. I have another bill due, another post on My Trending Stories, working on blog prep for next week, and my dinner tracker. In the Today section I put down my Paper and Glam weekend sticker, which is gorgeous Christmas trees, and I also added my Christmas countdown. In my half box I used some Paper and Glam presents to note that my brother has his 18th birthday on the 17th. In To Do, I want to do laundry and tidy up around the apartment, career plan, and a reminder to give my brother a call.


Sunday, the last day of the week, is busy with some easy and simple tasks. I have more blog prep and a dinner tracker put down in my little things, and for Today I have the weekend banner and my Christmas tracker, along with an empty half box for writing down my future plans. In To Do I’d like to wash my hair, remove my nail polish, do a final week tidy up, bake some more cookies, meal plan, and pack my lunch for Monday’s work.


In my sidebar I included a decorative full box from Paper and Glam, three weekly tasks which are for special toenail medicine I need to take daily, my daily pill, and a twice daily multi vitamin I’ve been taking. In my weekly goals I noted that I wanted to have the blog prepped and posted, my bills all paid, creating a posting plan, and reading daily. I included my typical weekly To Clean list, and lastly used a Paper and Glam glasses sticker to note what book I read this week. I used three different washi tapes from Scotch tape, and I am still using a glitter tape every week to add some sparkle. Lastly, I used Creatology (from Michaels) sticker book in Cozy Lodge to bring in decorative stickers throughout the spread.


So there we have it, my weekly plan with me from December 12th-18th. While it is sort of a busy week, I really enjoyed working on this spread and trying out new ways to plan. Let me know in the comments below what are some special plans you have this week, and see you next time!


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