7 More Shows to Marathon this Winter Break

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today post is something I come back to every time during this season, my recommendations for TV shows you need to catch up on this Winter Break. Students, I know you’ve been busy with finals and homework, but now that you’re home for the next month, grab a warm blanket, a bowl of popcorn, and load up Netflix for these seven shows!

The Vampire Diaries


I’m just going to jump right into the trashiest show on the list, and the one I’ve been watching for months now. The Vampire Diaries is a CW show that has seven whole seasons ready to watch on Netflix. It focuses on Elena Gilbert, a girl who’s parents have died and is beginning a new school year when she meets the mysterious Salvatore brothers, who (SPOILER ALERT), turn out to be vampires. Shocker. There’s vampire drama, teen dating drama, quite literally the whole shebang. I love stupid shows like this, so every few days I watch a few episodes and then I need a few more days to just decompress from the dumb. Enjoy if you’re looking for a dumb, but fun, show about teenage vampires in high school!



Speaking about teen dramas, Skins is a UK show following different groups of teenagers in the equivalent of high school through different adventures. This show can be really heavy, talking about drug use, mental illness, health problems, and death. But while there are incredibly heavy moments, nearly every character in this ensemble is memorable and moving. I’m still needing to catch up on the final season, but this is a show you should definitely give a watch to!

Black Mirror


 I’ve been a fan of Black Mirror for about a year now, and ever since the newest season hit the Netflix Originals list I’m sure you’ve heard plenty about it. Black Mirror is a modern horror show, much like The Twilight Zone was in its day. Each episode is its own story, although the entire series takes place within the same universe. It’s honestly a bit (or a whole lot) of a mind-fuck, and the horror isn’t really jump-scares and more psychological. The first episode of the series really draws you in and sets the tone for the series as a whole. If you are into psychological thrillers/horror, please check this show out because it can really affect you and the way you think of things!

Stranger Things


I’ve mentioned this show in a past monthly favorites, but this show is still one of my all time favorites. Fun fact, the theme song for this show is my current ringtone and it scares me half to death every time it goes off. The show is set in the US midwest in the 1980s and focuses on the story of a missing Will Byers and his friends search to find him. I would describe the genre for this as a supernatural horror, but I will say that I am a scaredy cat and this wasn’t too bad for me to sit through. I love everything about this show, the setting, the cinematography, and the acting are just phenomenal.  Definitely check out this Netflix Original, it’ll be sure to knock your socks off.

Luke Cage


In last years post I recommended Jessica Jones and Daredevil. This year, I’m back with the latest in Netflix’s Marvel series, Luke Cage. Luke was a secondary character in Jessica Jones and his first season did not disappoint. I found myself interested in basically every single character and their own personal stories, and while the overarching plot started to drag midway through the season it redeems itself towards the end. Bonus points go to this show for the awesome music featured throughout the season and the gorgeous camera work. Check this show out and get hyped for next year’s Iron Fist and The Defenders premieres!

Arrested Development


How have I done two other posts on shows to marathon and have not mentioned this cult classic comedy?! Arrested Development is the hilarious story of the Bluth family, who have fallen on hard times when patriarch George Bluth Sr. is arrested. Watch his son, Michael, deal with his family’s latests shenanigans and keep your eyes out for the various long running easter egg jokes that keep popping up every season!

Good Eats


Here is my most recent oddball recommendation, the classic Food Network show hosted by my all-time fave, Alton Brown. This is one food show that will actually teach you about cooking and its science, rather than the latest show about some competition against Bobby Flay. Fun fact, I literally don’t cook, like ever. But Good Eats makes me want to. This is perfect for watching while eating dinner and looking for a simple, 30 minute show that won’t have you too invested – perfect for a single meal. It’s quirky, it’s funny, and it’s educational. What more could you want?


And there we have it, some of my recommendations for new shows to marathon this winter break. What show are you loving? Let me know in the comments below!


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