Plan With Me: January 9th-15th

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m sharing my weekly plan with me for January 9th-15th. My boyfriend and I moved over this weekend to Concord, New Hampshire for his job, so this week is a bit busy with everyday tasks and job searching on my part. Pretty boring week, but it’s made with a kit I created using images from Google and Pinterest based on A Series of Unfortunate Events. I absolutely love this series, and to celebrate for the Netflix premiere this Friday, I thought I’d focus my weekly kit on my favorite childhood book series! Check out my PWM below!


Monday is a freezing cold day here in New Hampshire with a low of 8*F, something I’m definitely not as used to! In my Little Things section, I wrote that I’m uploading this blog post, prepping future blog posts, and tracking dinner. I also noted that The Bachelor is on tonight, a show I’m trying to get into watching this season. My Today section is left blank to record memory-keeping. My To-Do section is quite busy, being the first day I’m home alone in our new apartment. Today I wanted to update my resume and other job websites, job search, print out copies of my updated resume, write and edit this post, and transfer my prescription to my local CVS.


Tuesday’s forecast looks like more snowfall, but the temperatures are rising which is good for me to walk around my new town! In my little things area, I note that our car payment is due, I’m posting over on My Trending Stories, and my dinner tracker. The Today section is left blank, but my To Do is quite busy again. I’m washing my hair, job searching, visiting a local temp agency, and writing and editing that post. I also have to work on more medical updates, such as canceling future doctors appointments back in New York, as well as looking up doctors and dentists locally.


Wednesday is looking warmer, which is just what I need this week! I note in my little things section that Law and Order SVU is on this day, I’m posting another blog post here, and I am tracking my dinner. Today is left blank once again, but To Do is once again busy. Job searching is the highest priority, making local doctors appointments, and researching grad schools around the area for the future. I also need to write and edit my blog post, look into blog monetization, and I want to get a library card over at my local public library.


Thursday is looking a bit rainy and my little things section is rather small, with just another MTS post and a dinner tracker. Today is left blank again for memory keeping, and the To-Do is smaller, with notes to wash my hair, job search, write and edit that day’s post, and sort out my email inbox.


Friday is sunny once more and it’s Friday the 13th! I note in my little things section that A Series of Unfortunate Events premieres on Netflix, which I am super stoked about! I also put down a dinner tracker, which I love to use to monitor how many times a week we eat out or skip a meal to snack. My today section is left blank once again, and my To Do is slightly bigger, with plans to job search, plan out some March sticker ideas, deep clean the apartment, paint my nails, and writing and editing that day’s post.


The weekend is less busy than the start of the week, on both days I only have blog prep and dinner trackers in my little things and blank Today sections. On Saturday for to do, I plan on washing my hair, job searching, preplanning for next week, and writing and editing future posts. On Sunday, I want to job search, clean the apartment, meal plan for the week, write and edit future posts, and plan for the following week.


In my sidebar I used a decorative full box from Paper and Glam, as well as a P&G glasses sticker to track which books I read this week. Included in the sidebar is also a weekly habit tracker for taking daily medication and my multivitamins. In my weekly goals, I want to job search daily, have my blog prepped and posted on time, have my MTS posts ready to go on time, read daily, and practice my flute daily. I also include a weekly to clean list, which includes having the bed made, laundry done, dishes washed, trash taken out, and living room tidied.


I added a Target Dollar Spot orange glitter washi tape across the top to tie in the colors from the full boxes, and then added three different washi tapes from the Dollar Spot and the Scotch brand. Typically I enjoy using Darice sticker books for added decorations, however for the theme this week I enjoyed sticking solely to my sticker kit and adding decorative washi.


And there we have it, my plan with me for the week of January 9th-15th! What sticker themes did you pick for this week, and are you planning on watching the new Netflix series on Friday? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo jen p


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