Desk Tour 2017

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! As I mentioned in my last post, I moved last weekend to New Hampshire and have begun settling in and putting away all my belongings. Since I have just set up my desk and I’m in absolute love with it, I’d thought I’d do a quick desk tour today! If you’d like to see how I’ve done my setup, check it out below!


So this is an overview of my desk. I got both the desk and the small set of drawers next to it from Ikea, and everything I had already owned prior to the move. I have this setup in the living room next to a large window that has plenty of natural lighting. Since I have such great lighting throughout the day, I use this area to do my makeup, as well as to complete any work I’m doing and hold all my planning and craft items. I love sitting here to game on my laptop, work on my planner, type up blog posts, or just sit somewhere more professional than crashing on my couch!


To start off with the decorations, on the wall I have a Union Jack scrapbooking page that I think is nice to look at, along with two posters, a bulletin board from Ikea, and a Target Dollar Spot calendar. The first poster is a french cat, I have to be honest and say that I don’t get the reference but I love the color scheme and cats. I also have an Achievement Hunter poster I got from one of their online series. On my bulletin board I have a few photos, a print out of a Gryffindor tie, my sequined Minnie Mouse ears, and a few decorative odds and ends. I also have a wall calendar on the far right which I like to use to track bills, appointments, and other long term tasks.


On the right of my desk, I have a cork desk organizer from Mod Cloth several years back. I love this because I can add more decorative bits without losing space or adding any holes to the wall. I keep all my pens, markers, and scissors in this, along with some cute binder clips from Target. In this I keep a few pictures I took in my college days, along with a few folders I keep spare paper, resumes, and stickers in. On the desk itself I also have a Tardis mug that holds some of my lipsticks and some iPhone headphones. For decorative purposes, I also have a few Funko Pops, such as Newt from Fantastic Beasts, Debby from Harry Potter, and small figures of the Cheshire cat and Fang from HP. I love Funko Pops, I thing they’re a really cute way to add some fandom love to your areas!


To the left of my desk I have my makeup bits, along with a few longer books. I keep a Dollar Spot mint wire container at the end of the desk, which holds mason jars of my makeup brushes and cotton swabs/rounds. I also keep a square Dollar Spot container with makeup tubes and other loose tubes. I also have a big Yankee Candle and another Funko Pop, this one of the Mad Hatter. The books I keep on my desk are too large to fit on my bookshelf, and include my high school yearbook, a spare notebook, a Spanish textbook, and a folder and book of flute music. Next to that I keep a round Dollar Spot bowl filled with other makeup, my moisturizer, my glasses lens cleaner, and tape. Dead center on the desk is a round mirror I bought on clearance from Kohls.


On the top of my shelves I keep a few adult coloring books, a container full of all my washi tape, a round container holding my hair ties and bobby pins. I also have a pen holder filled with colored pencils and markers, a chapstick, and two small glass bottle full of sequins and glitter. On the top of my washi container I keep a Doctor Who sonic screwdriver that my Dad bought for me for Christmas a few years back.


Finally, in my shelves I keep various planner and DIY items, which include different post it notes and pads, pencils, a small calculator, other paperwork, and makeup bags. I love these drawers but they have enough space to hold everything I need and they’re pretty good at being able to see everything you’ve placed inside. I also like that there are wheels on the back of this unit, which makes this more transportable and easier to move around.


There we have it, my desk tour for 2017 and a new apartment! I absolutely¬†love how this area checked out, it’s completely my personality and gives me such a great attitude for doing work here! What’s your favorite part of your desk? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo jen p


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