Morning Routine 2017

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I’d share with you my morning routine for days off from work or the weekend – basically my morning routine if I have no time restraints. I love taking pictures of what I do every morning, so check out my morning routine below!


So I usually wake up somewhat early, usually around 8:15 AM, as you can see by the gorgeous “I woke up like this” snapchat picture. Basically for the first fifteen minutes I’m awake I check all my social media (Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) and then I check my email. Then I basically need to drag myself out of bed to take my vitamins and my daily medicine.


When I have no time restraints I try to start the day by jumping straight into the shower. All I do is essentially wash my hair and body and just soak my tired bones in the hot water. By going straight from bed to the shower I actually wake up and then I’m forced to get dressed right away and not lay around in pajamas.


After my shower I get dressed right away and today’s outfit is all about being comfy at home. I’m wearing a Target cropped American flag tank top under an American Eagle green sweater – doubling up on layers means I stay extra warm. Then I have on some Old Navy leggings my Mom bought me for Christmas, and my long socks I’m going to guess are from Old Navy because my Mom also got me those for Christmas.


After getting dressed I make myself some breakfast, which involves as little cooking as humanly possible. In my I love New York mug I poured myself some apple juice and I just poured some Cheerios into a bowl. Typically you’d have milk with cereal but I always eat cereal dry because milk just messes up my stomach big time.


Then I take my breakfast into the living room and park myself down on the couch to watch some TV. This morning I had quite a few Youtube videos to catch up on, and in particular I was watching Kirsten who is like my favorite youtuber at the moment. I love spending my breakfast time watching TV or some youtube, it’s just a nice way to start the day relaxing and getting ready for the day.


After breakfast I brush my teeth and then washed my face. I always wait until after breakfast to brush my teeth, no idea why but that’s just how I roll. This face wash isn’t too bad, it’s a solid oil cleanser but it helps get the gunk out of my pores while still hydrating my desert-like skin.


After washing my face I put on my moisturizer, which I just picked up yesterday and its the CVS Vitamin E moisturizing oil. I’ve never tried a face oil before, but I had CVS coupons and I need to find something to make my face less dry. This didn’t work out too bad but I think I might need to put more on, I’ll just have to experiment more.


While I let my moisturizer sink into my face I went ahead and straightened my hair. This process can take me a solid 30 minutes at times, but I just get watching youtube videos and got it over with. I absolutely love my hair straightened but I am just so lazy when it comes to actually doing it.


Now it was cleaning time! This first place I started cleaning was my desk because I just had to organize the clutter, get rid of the previous soda cans from last night, and get rid of any trash.


Next up was the bedroom. Every morning I try to make the bed and pick up any clothes off the floor, as well as moving all the wet towels into the bathroom to dry. I try to stay out of the bedroom during the day to avoid napping, but it’s nice to have it free of clutter and cleaned when I decide to go to bed at the end of the day.


After the bedroom I moved on to cleaning up the couch area, which is where I typically work throughout the day or just hang out. I fixed the throw blankets back on the couch and put back the throw pillows. Then I just cleaned up any mess on the coffee table.


Last to be cleaned up is definitely the most time consuming, the kitchen. I had to do all the dishes from last night’s dinner, as well as take out the trash and sweep the floors. As I’m typing this I still have one or two cheeky pots to finish up, but for the most part everything in the kitchen was tidy for making lunch and dinner later on today.


After cleaning up and washing my hands, I decided that my moisturizer was pretty dry now and I was ready to do my makeup. Since I had some extra time today, I put on a little more makeup than usual, blending a few eyeshadow shades togged, as well as putting on a liquid lipstick. After my makeup was done, I was ready to start the day and begin getting any work I had sorted!


So there we have it, my morning routine in my new apartment, when I have no time restraints. Like I said before, I had a lot of fun taking pictures of my everyday routine and this taught me a lot about how much time I take up doing different activities. What is your favorite part of your morning routine? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great day!

xoxo jen p


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