Bullet Journal Walkthrough 2017

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I thought I’d share a walkthrough of my binder planner/bullet journal. Since I have switched my planning system to my Happy Planner, I love having the larger view and more room to plan and customize, however I’ve found myself missing the customization of my old binder planner. So lately I’ve created my binder planner/bullet journal which stays on my desk and has all my extra organization pages that don’t work in my on the go planner. Check out my binder system below!

So first off, I’m using this binder from the Target Dollar Spot to house my binder planning system, because I still have a whole bunch of them from my binder planning days and wanted to get some use out of them. The first page I see in my binder is my 2017 goals, which are there just to remind me every time I open it up what I am working towards this year.

My first section in my planner is like a lists/brain dump section. The first pages of this section are my reading list and my Pop Sugar 2017 Reading Challenge pages. I’ve always wanted to do a reading challenge and am trying to branch out in my reading list, so I found this challenge on Pinterest and just wrote it out on some note pages. I also have a sticky note taped onto the divider with some books I wanted to read last year and never got around to.

Following my reading challenge pages, I’m trying something new with a daily gratitude page. I’m working on becoming a more positive person, hoping to see the good in the day and not get dragged down by stress and exhaustion from daily life. This is basically like how I do my half-boxes in my everyday planner, but focused more on something positive that happened rather than just straight memory keeping. I also brought over my treat myself list from last year, which basically just has things I’d like to eventually buy myself or get as a gift.

The next page in my planner is a bit strange, but basically I am obsessed with playing The Sims 2 in my downtime, but I’m always struggling with naming characters or children, so I keep a list of interesting names I come across or like so I don’t struggle with naming when I’m playing. I also have a page dedicated to the future sticker spreads I’m doing for the months, which is basically just a way to organize the stickers I need to make.

Lastly in this section I have a page of movies I’d like to watch that are coming out this year, and then I have a films watched in 2017 page. I’m a massive movie lover, and I absolutely adore going to the movie theater when I can, so I keep track of all the newly released movies I watch in theaters, which has only been one so far this year so I need to step it up!

The next section I have in my binder is my blog section, which is really important to me and essentially the entire reason I wanted to come up with this binder system. The first page again is my 2017 blog goals, just to remember what I want to work towards this year. The page after that is super important to me, it is basically a statistics tracker which I customized for the different social media accounts I run and what stats are important for me to keep track of.

After the stats page, I have a few pages of notes that I took off of the podcast Elise Get’s Crafty, which I like to refer to about social media promotion and other blog-related things. The next page is a monthly tracker for the different posts I’d like to make every month in a perfect world, like monthly goals and favorites, as well as book reviews.

Lastly in this section is a page I made about a year and a half ago, and it basically has future blog posts ideas broke down in each month with different seasonal posts I could make and things I wished I could make previously. This is nice to refer to when I make my content calendar at the start of the month.

The last pages in my binder system is a tracker I created for online orders, which I need to update and extra note pages, as well as weekly planner pages and daily planning pages from the Target Dollar Spot. While I don’t use this binder as a daily/weekly planner, I like to have a few of these pages in the back just in case I need them on a random basis.


Well there you have it, a quick walkthrough of my binder system/bullet journal for 2017! I love having this as a fixture on my desk to refer to because I don’t lose the customization of my planner without having to carry around unnecessary pages throughout my day. What are some pages you use in a bullet journal or binder system? Let me know in the comments below!


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