Plan With Me: June 5th-11th

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be my weekly plan with me for June 5th-11th. I plan in a Happy Planner and I create my own kits using images found on Pinterest and the internet. This week’s theme is Mermaids, which I have been dying to use since the weather has started to warm up. Check out my plan with me below!

So to start off with, I thought I’d share the absolute before of my planner. This week I pre-planned on a piece of graphing paper by breaking down my planner sections, and the second picture shows what the Happy Planner looks like before the pen and any stickers.

To start off with my Monday Little Things section, I’ve recently started watching the new show, Still Star Crossed, so I marked that the show is on this week, along with my blog post and my dinner tracker. I left my today section blank and added in my half box for memory keeping. My to-do is pretty busy, using all six hearts on the checklist. I recorded my work schedule, washing my hair, and following up with a graduate program I requesting information for. I also plan on looking into other programs on Monday having my medical records sent over to my new doctor’s office, and sending in my co-payment for my last visit.

Tuesday’s Littles include an electric bill due, along with my My Trending Stories post and a dinner tracker. My to-do is less busy than Monday with my work schedule, completing some work articles, researching grad schools, and confirming my eye glasses prescription. Wednesday’s Littles only have a blog post and a dinner tracker, and the to-do has my work schedule, wash hair, cleaning my apartment, ordering my new glasses, and updating my resumes.

Thursday has a MTS post and a dinner tracker for my Little Things section, though my to-do for this day is once again super busy. I have my work schedule down, working on updating my resumes and having them reviewed, sending my father’s day card, and researching graduate programs. I also have to look into getting a local bank account near my new apartment and ordering checks from my current bank account.

Friday’s Littles include a natural gas bill due, my blog post, and a dinner tracker. In the today section I wrote down that it is a payday, incorporating a Paper and Glam money icon sticker. In the To-do I have my work schedule, washing my hair, pre-planning for next week, cleaning my apartment, and washing my makeup brushes. For Saturday I only have two little things, blog prep and a dinner tracker. For the to-do I tried to keep it lighter because I’m tentatively going to the aquarium, so I wrote down to downsize my closet, back plan for this week, print new stickers, and paint my nails.

Sunday’s littles have become kinda crazy lately with all the TV shows I record: Silicon Valley, Veep, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and Twin Peaks. I also plan on doing blogging prep and recording on my dinner tracker. My to-do list is basically the same every Sunday, with doing laundry, washing my hair, checking my EZ pass for the upcoming week, and finishing up my resumes. I also meal plan with my boyfriend on Sundays and I prep remade salads for the week’s work lunches.

My sidebar is super busy (just like my week). My decorative full box at the top of the sidebar says “Mermaids don’t lose sleep over the opinions of shrimp,” which I thought was super motivational for a busy week! Next I have a Paper and Glam checklist with my weekly goals: posting my blog posts on time, having driving practice, researching graduate schools, and completing all my medical stuff this week. After that I have two Paper and Glam icons for noting how much I run throughout the week and tracking my reading for the week. After that I have a checklist from the Happy Planner sticker book for my cleaning list, which stays the same week to week. I try to get laundry done every week, along with dishes, trash taken out, floors swept, and countertops wiped down. Lastly in the sidebar I have two daily habits, one to track my medication and vitamins and another to track my daily water intake.

My last step in planning is to add glitter washi to the top of the pages and trying to match washi colors to the days of the week. I absolutely love having the decorative tape covering any white space because it adds to the spread without being too distracting. Lastly, when I go back to back plan I’ll add in decorative stickers from the Darice sticker books for fun elements to the spread.


So there we have it, my weekly plan with me for June 5th-11th! If you want to get any Paper & Glam stickers, you can use my referral code to get 20% off your first order! What are you doing for this week’s spread? Let me know in the comments below!


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