July 2017 Goals

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is my July goals for 2017, which is honestly just crazy that we are already 7 months into this year. I’m absolutely pumped for July, I love the summer and I’ve got some fun things coming up this month. Check out my July goals below!

My favorite holiday ever is Fourth of July, so I was super excited to celebrate this yesterday and see some fireworks in my area!

Confession time: I am 23 years old and I cannot swim in the slightest. This month I’ve moved into an apartment complex with a pool so I will be learning to swim this month, so I will be learning to swim with all the time I plan to be there!

I’ve also never been camping in my life and this month I am going camping with my boyfriend and his family. I’m pretty excited but also slightly nervous since I’m not the biggest fan of bugs or the wilderness. Who knows, it’ll be a learning adventure!

The thing I am most looking forward to this month is spending lots of time over at my apartment’s pool and driving over to the beach on the weekends. I love the beach, but will be mostly satisfied anywhere I can lay out in the sun and relax.

This month I have two financial goals, open a new bank account that I can use locally and save $500. My bank account doesn’t have any branches or ATMs in my new area so I need to bite the bullet and open a new one. I also just moved, so my savings account has seen some better days.

Lastly, I’m super excited to plant some new plants on our porch, since we moved and have more room to have plants. I’m trying to not kill everything I touch so I’m starting off small, but I hopefully will have some pretty flowers by the end of the month!


So there we have it, my goals for July 2017! What are some goals or plans you’re looking forward to for July? Let me know in the comments below! See you next time!


One thought on “July 2017 Goals

  1. 365daysofnewwithafewtriedandtrue says:

    I like these lists. Great idea. It’s similar to my 30 Day Challenges. I was inspired to start them after seeing a TEDx promoting them. So far, I’m into my seventh month, and it’s really motivated me to try new things. I’m half way through this month and just wrote an updated post on my progress. Good luck on your goals this month!


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