Plan With Me: August 7th-13th

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to be showing my planner for this week, August 7th-13th. This week’s spread is a nautical spread that I created using images found on Pinterest. I also have a regular sized Happy Planner which I have been loving using this year. Check out my planner spread for this week below!

Monday August 7th-9th


Monday’s plans are the TV show I’m watching, called Preacher on AMC, along with calling my dental insurance and updating some banking information. I also plan on washing my hair and working out.

Tuesday has no little things aside from my My Trending Stories post and a dinner tracker. I’m also planning on having some driving practice, cleaning my apartment, and working out.

Wednesday has Big Brother 19 on, as well as washing my hair and working out. I also want to practice my driving and creating a social media plan for my blog. I need to rejuvenate my blog and get back into the swing of things, so what’s better than creating a fresh new plan.

Thursday 10th-13th


Thursday has the Big Brother eviction episode on at 9PM, along with pre-planning for next week and working out. I also plan on working on my stickers for next month since I love being ahead of schedule with my sticker spreads.

Friday’s plans include washing my hair, working out, and working on September’s stickers. I also have to do an overhaul on cleaning the apartment since my Mom and Grandma are coming up on Saturday.

Saturday has fewer plans since my Mom and Grandma are planning on coming and visiting. I’m just putting on my schedule driving practice, working out in the evening, finishing up September’s stickers, and back planning for this week.

Sunday has significantly more in the to do list to make up from Saturday. I’m washing my hair, doing the laundry, and meal planning. I also have to practice driving and checking my EZ pass. I also want to get a head start on October’s stickers too this day.


So there you have it, my plan with my for August 7th-13th. What are some of your plans this week? Let me know in the comments below! See you next time!

xoxo jen p


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