7 More Shows to Watch Over Winter Break

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I’m continuing my yearly tradition of sharing my favorite shows to marathon over a long break over even a snowy weekend. I’ve watched quite a few shows over 2017 in hopes to provide you with the best shows to marathon when you need something to do. Check out the latest 7 shows below!



This show is seriously my latest obsession. I literally watching this show on my phone during my lunch breaks because I couldn’t put it down. Riverdale is a teen drama from the always amazing CW, focusing around the characters from Archie Comics. Compared to other teen dramas, this is actually fairly good, holds your attention, and has very beautiful people pretending to be teenagers. You can catch the first season on Netflix.



I have been watching this show throughout 2017. I figured, if it keeps winning Emmy’s, it must be good, right? And trust me, it does not disappoint. Coming from the team behind the wonderful British show, The Thick of It, VEEP is a political comedy that makes you wonder if it’s better or worse than our current political situation. The insults are fantastic and their ability to swear so creatively makes me jealous. You can watch all six seasons on HBO Go.

The Jersey Shore


Ever since I heard the news that a Jersey Shore reunion is in the works, I have been rewatching the wonderful hot mess. This brings back so many fun memories from high school, which is when the show was airing for me. Gym Tan Laundry, Tee shirt time, and the cab’s are here. I’m obsessed, plain and simple. All six seasons are currently on Hulu for streaming.

Big Little Lies


This show, which swept up the awards during award season, was amazing! This show is a female led drama and I really can’t say much else without giving things away. The acting is brilliant and feature Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Laura Dern. I honestly can only say good things about this show. You can watch the series on HBO Go.

Doctor Who


Doctor Who was one of the first shows I watched when I got my Netflix account six years ago. This sci-fi comedy follows a time traveling alien named The Doctor, as well as his various human companions. Doctor Who is super fun and an easy show to marathon quickly, depending on when you start. I’m always a sucker for the 11th Doctor, but I’m also a fan on starting on the 9th Doctor’s season. You can buy Doctor Who on Amazon Prime.



This was my favorite show to watch over summer 2017. Preacher is a hysterical show on AMC that follows a small town preacher who has gained massive powers. Don’t be fooled though, this is not for people who can’t handle gore or mature themes. I’m not going to lie though, Joe Gilgun steals the show as Cassidy, as per usual. This show also features Ruth Negga, another Misfits cast member. Honestly, everything about this show is great and I’m in love with it. You can stream Preacher on AMC’s website.



What would this list be without another reality TV show on it? I’m a huge fan of Survivor, it’s one of the longest running reality shows currently on television. The premise is that strangers are left to survive on an island, while competing in challenges and voting people off their tribe every episode. The drama, the backstabbing, and the strategy are my reasons for watching each season. On top of that, you do get to view some amazing locations and places. You can view every season of Survivor on CBS’s website, as well as Hulu.


Well there you have it, my picks for shows you need to marathon over this Winter Break. Or really anytime, I’m not too picky. What are your favorite shows you’ve been watching lately? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always looking for something new to watch!

xoxo jen p


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