Plan With Me: February 26th-March 4th

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is my plan with me for this week, February 26th-March 4th. I plan every week in my Erin Condren planner, using stickers I make from images found online. Check out my planner spread this week below!


Monday is a busier day since it is the start of the week. In my little things section, I noted that my Comcast bill is due, and I wanted to post this blog post as well as working on any social media posts for the week. In my today section I put down a quarter box for my Dad’s birthday, which is always important to note in my planner! Lastly, in my to-do list I included my work schedule, scheduling my driving exam, and giving some notice for future medical appointments at work. I also noted that I wanted to work on behind the scenes work for the blog, as well as workout. I’ve been putting my half box at the very bottom of the page for memory keeping, as well as to free up extra room in the full box.


Tuesday has less little things, with only my car insurance due, along with my dinner tracker. My to-do list includes my work schedule and a reminder that it’s a hair washing night. I also want to finally make pillows out of some old tee-shirts I’ve been saving, as well as de-waxing some old candle containers that are sitting around my apartment. Lastly, it’s (hopefully) another workout night on Tuesday.


Wednesday is my first day this week with TV shows on, starting with the premiere of Survivor: Ghost Island, as well as a new episode of Law and Order SVU. I also have another blog post I want to post, and again my daily dinner tracker. My to-do list is less busy mid-week, with only a reminder to do a mid-week tidy up of the apartment, along with planning my March blog posts, and lastly getting some reading done.


Thursday is the first day of March, which means the year is already flying by and I need to pay rent. The to-do list gets bigger again this day, with my work schedule and a reminder to practice driving on my lunch break. I also need to wash my hair this night and hit the gym. One thing I included in the to-do list is researching making monthly stickers for my planner, since that sounds like a fun new project to work on. Lastly, I want to set up a donation bag and sort out any clutter around the apartment.


Friday brings along another blog post I want to post, as well as my daily dinner tracker. I also note in the today section that it is payday, which is always my favorite day of the week! My to-do list is a lot smaller on Friday, with my work schedule and a note to deposit money into my savings account. I also wrote down to pre-plan for next week, catch up on media (TV, podcasts, and youtube), as well as workout.


Saturday brings another bill, which this day is CBS All Access. I also do blog prep on the weekends, and I also include my dinner tracker. Saturday is another hair washing day and it’s also the day I do a deep clean of my apartment. I also plan on sorting out my sticker spreads for future months, as well as looking into downloading digital papers. I also need to do more driving practice over the weekend and hit the gym.


Sunday brings along the rest of my TV shows. I have been really loving the Joel McHale show with Joel McHale (on Netflix), it’s basically just The Soup (which was brilliant!). I also love Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO). I also included in my little things section more blog prep and my dinner tracker. In the today section I put my weekend banner, which is from Oh Hello Sticker Co. For my to-do section, Sunday’s are laundry day and also the day I update the EZ pass and lunch prep. I also file any paperwork hanging around my desk at the end of the week, as well as paint my nails. Lastly, as per usual, I also need to workout this day.


My sidebar has been updated since the last time I posted my planner on this blog. I start off with the decorative box, and then include Paper & Glam icons: the phone to track social media through the week and a workout icon to track the total miles I run through the week. Next up is my Currently Reading box from Oh Hello, which this week I’m rereading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I then have a hydrate sticker from Paper & Glam. After that I have a habit tracker from Oh Hello to track washing my face throughout the week. Lastly, I have a checklist box for my weekly cleaning tasks.


The last thing I do in my planner, once everything has been laid down, is to add in decorative washi tape into the spread. I always use a glitter washi at the top of each box, this week was green glitter washi from Scotch tape. Since this week’s spread was focused around cactuses, I went for green washi. The striped and polka dot washi is from the Scotch brand, and the floral washi was from the Target Dollar Spot.


I absolutely loved how this week’s spread turned out in my planner! It’s super functional for me to use daily, while also still having a lot of decoration and fun. If you would like to receive 10% off your next order at Oh Hello, you can use my code LookingGlass10. What spread did you use for your planner this week? Let me know in the comments below!

See you next time!

xoxo jen p


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