Favorite Summer Makeup

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be talking about some of my favorite makeup that has held up through the summer. Summer makeup can be super hard to perfect, what with all the sweating, water, and hot weather. The makeup products below are some of the things I’ve found that have worked really well for me this summer. Check out my favorite summer products below! Continue reading

Favorite Summer Nail Polishes

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m talking about some of my favorite nail polishes for this upcoming season, summer! I absolutely love painting my nails during the summer since they pop out so well against a tan and can really pull together a look. I also have been painting my nails much more because I’m trying to kick the nasty habit of nail biting, and when my nails are painted I never want to mess up the polish. Check out some of my favorite nail polishes for the summer below! Continue reading

Fall Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! It’s becoming fall here in New York, the leaves are starting to fall off the trees and it’s freezing when I walk to work in the mornings. To celebrate my favorite season of the year, I thought I’d share my fall makeup look that has been my go-to the past few weeks. Check it out below!

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5 Beauty Must Haves

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going to be my top 5 beauty must have products! I’ve tried a whole lot of beauty products over the years and I’ve narrowed down these five products to what I would want with me if all my makeup had to be taken away. Check out which product made the cut below!

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Minimal Makeup Collection

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I thought that I’d share my makeup collection and why/how I have minimized my makeup stash. For some background info, I’ve been interested and wearing makeup regularly since my freshman year of college, which would be around 4 or 5 years ago. I just to have a massive collection of makeup (pretty heavily drugstore brands) and I have massively decluttered the summer before my senior year of college and throughout this past year. Check out which products I’ve kept in my collection and why I’ve minimized my collection below! Continue reading

Summer Nails

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I thought that since the weather is warming up (85 F here in NY!) I would share some of my favorite nail polish colors for the summer months. Check out what my favorite summer nails are below! Continue reading

Spring Nail Polish

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite nail polishes for the springtime and really just some of my go-to shades for when it gets warmer. Check out what my favorite nail polishes are for this time of year below!



My first few springtime shades are all in the pink family, something about springtime just screams pastels and florals and these colors just pop into my mind during this time of year! My first polish is Essie’s Ballet Slippers, I love having a really light pink during the spring because it matches pretty much everything, and this shade is a plus for me because it is like my nails but better. Next up is Essie’s Eternal Optimist, which is a slightly deeper toned pink but still just as pastel in nature. I love it for days that I want something a little bit darker but still in mind with the spring theme. Lastly, I grabbed Essie’s Tart Deco which is a gorgeous pastel orange shade. I love this for the transition time between spring and summer when you want something a tad brighter but still in line with the spring vibe!


In my non-pink shades, my first choice is Essie’s Mojito Madness. I love wearing green nails and this is probably my favorite shade of green. It’s on the pastel side but it still is passable for a more summery look too. Plus who doesn’t want to be dreaming of mojitos in the gorgeous spring weather?! Next up is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow. I just picked up this particular nail polish today but I felt as though I needed a pretty bright yellow for this time of year. I don’t know what else screams spring other than a pastel yellow, and it’s only a plus for me that it’s on the brighter side of pastel. Last up is Essie’s Mint Candy Apple, which we all know that it was all the rage a few years back. I love mint shades in general, but during the spring it just screams to be worn! This gorgeous shade looks great just as a spring tan is beginning to blossom!


That’s some of the shades I love for the springtime, but what are some of your favorite springtime nail polishes? Let me know in the comments below! See you next time in my next post!

xoxo jen p

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