Desk Set-up and Essentials

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! While this may be the first year I am not returning to school, I have amassed quite a fews bits of knowledge regarding back to school that I thought I’d share this week. Today’s post is all about what my desk essentials are, the things I reach for the most in my productivity center, as well as how I’ve set up my desk now that I’ve moved and gotten comfortable. Check out the post below!

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Moving 101: Living in a Small Space

Hey bloggers, happy Thursday! Today’s post is going to cover something important in the post-graduate world – finding your own place. Luckily I’ve managed to join my boyfriend and a few of his friends in their house from last year, and will be living there until the end of next May! However for the next two months, me and my boyfriend will be staying in a smaller room as our landlords move in for the summer, so in the past week I’ve learned quite a bit about downsizing and making a smaller room work. If you’re moving into a smaller space, check out some of my tips below!

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Finals Week 101: How to Keep Calm and Study On!

Hey everyone, happy Monday! I’ve just finished my last day of Undergraduate classes and I couldn’t be more happy, but now comes the dreaded time in any students life: finals week. Wether you’re a freshman going into your first Spring finals or a senior that’s just looking to make it through the last finals of your life, check out my tips below to make your Hell Week as stress-free and easygoing as possible!

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Post Grad: Finding a Job

Hey everyone, happy Wednesday and beginning of April! Though the month may insinuate that its Spring, the weather here in Upstate New York still says Winter. Here’s to hoping April brings back the sun to this cold wasteland!

Today I’m going to talk about a terrifying subject amongst many college seniors graduating in May: Job Hunting! While I may not be the highest authority on this subject matter, I have been applying to jobs since this semester has started up and I’ve found some tips and tricks to making the job hunt easier. Check them out below!

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